August 7, 2011

ROW 80 Check In: Coconut Custard and French Silk, Why Choose?

"Mom, I want something sweet." I said, sitting at the kitchen bar.

"What do you want? How about a pie?" she asked. Now you know one of the reasons, and there are many, I love my mom so much.

She mentioned several. I couldn't decide. She made two, so I ended up with a piece of homemade French Silk and Coconut custard within 45 minutes. I kid you not. It's summer, I wasn't choosing between these two flavors. Ah, the joys of being at Mama's.

Stuffed and happy, it suddenly dawned on me it was Sunday. ROW 80 check in time. The beauty of summer is the melting of days into each other until there's no distinction.

But I'm so excited about my progress, I must share. Although I didn't add much to my word count, Mom and I fleshed out some characters and planned plot. We even edited to where we are. I will announce the new word count on Wednesday. I easily worked an hour a day on the manuscript, so I'll keep the time goal for the coming week. And I edited my 5 pages per day.

I also met my goals of visiting 15 ROW 80 blogs and 10 others. I will continue this goal this week. I really enjoy reading all the wonderful posts, so it's not a chore (just time consuming).

I blogged every day but one. On Friday, I was traveling and just couldn't. I plan to post every day this week.

My biggest disappointment: I didn't finish reading my book! I want to, but I've lost momentum with it. Not sure what that says about the book yet. I blame my crazy schedule, for now. I will have this book plus one more read by Wednesday and two reviews done and posted by Friday. Crazy schedule be damned!

In life, it's all about choices. Today, I chose both the coconut and chocolate pies. Sometimes choosing is not all it's cracked up to be. If only I could work on my WIP and read at the same time.

How did your choices pan out this week?


DarkWyvern said...

It's cool that you're involving your mother in the writing process. I could never write a book with my mum... Completely different personalities and literary tastes :/ lol
Planning out plot is always good progress, even if it doesn't extend your word count that much. It makes it easier to write the story later on.
P.S. I love the title of your blog :D

Doree L Anderson said...

So, do you think your mom might send some morsels my way? Sounds like a heavenly combination. Warm wishes on your joint project. Depression cookies; really great title.

Tia Bach said...

Rebecca, My mom taught me my love of writing. Working with her is a blessing (although still at times difficult. I think working with any co-author would be.) Thanks for your comment about the title. ;-)

Doree, Mom would love to. Sharing happiness brings my mom great joy. And thanks for the compliment on the title.

I love ROW 80 support. Thanks for stopping by ladies.