August 25, 2011

Peepie Pansy's in Danger: Irene's AComin'

An earthquake this week and Irene on her way, we are all reflecting on Mother Nature these days. Today, Mom visits with a post about protecting a sweet friend in Irene's path. Enjoy!

A lone pansy emerged in my yard in February. My rescue nature rushed to its aid, repotting it and lovingly watching it for the last six months. My baby, fondly named Peepie, has flourished in the summer heat and reached its long neck to embrace feedings and watering, loving delivered from my hands. It has grown up and produced babies. Just like any proud Mama, I’m puffed up all over.

This morning, I awoke fearful for Peepie. She’s still so young. She’s never had to brave extreme elements, having been under my keen inspection. But Irene’s acomin’. 

I think I’m unnerved. Yesterday Virginia experienced a 5.9 category earthquake, the strongest in over a hundred years. Tia felt it in Damascus, Maryland, and I felt it in Chocowinity, North Carolina. It’s absolutely mind boggling to be on the phone hundreds of miles apart, feeling the same thing. It’s incredible and unnerving. Of course, I checked on Peepie. In the fall I will release her to Mother Earth, and she will have to fend for herself. The last thing I need is a fearful pansy on my hands.

This morning our local Doppler radar shows we will have a calm before Irene visits. The islands are expecting her shortly. I’ve been there many times. They brace with rum, the very best rum you’ve ever had. My mind is wondering how much rum I have on hand. Maybe a few guests over, grilling out, a watermelon... How can I be so insensitive? Peepie’s life is on the line.

I rushed into the bedroom in full-out angst, waking my husband with my concerns, “Honey, Irene’s coming. I’m concerned about Peepie. She’s still so small. Do you think I can set her up in our room? That woman might cause some havoc!”

Well, let me tell you, that man was insulting. Truthfully, I know not to wake up a man at 5:30AM that’s hooked up to a CPAP machine and still snoring, but I couldn’t help myself. Peepie’s life is in danger!!!

After being asked to get a life and leave, I left, but not without a plan. Tracking Irene is a guesstimation. No one knows when she will show up. Women are like that, illusive and naughty, always keeping everyone wondering. In the last hour, she’s been upgraded to a category 3 hurricane. Everyone is watching, speculating, tracking and preparing. That woman’s got everyone on the run!
So what’s my plan? Peepie and I’ve decided to stick it out, plan for the worse and pray for the best. Peepie is in the guest bathroom. No need to upset Hubby. For company, I brought in Toby and Lynus, the ferns. And the guest list is completed. On my way shopping, I’ll deliver the invitations. When Irene arrives, I want everything perfect. You never know what that woman will do.


When's the last time you an awesome display by Mother Nature?


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

If there is anything worse than being at the mercy of our computers, it's waiting around for Nature to do its worst! I hope everything works out for your little Peepie!

Thanks for stopping by my blog....and BTW, love the name of yours!

Tia Bach said...

Laurel-Rain, I couldn't agree more. Guess computers and Mother Nature have one huge thing in common, our inability to have control over them! ;-) Thanks for coming by and for the compliment. So sweet.

Dana & Keith Newbrough said...

Hysterical and what a sweet way to look at this situation! Loved this!

Tia Bach said...

You know Mom... always finding a different angle. I'm still wondering what Peepie signifies. A metaphor for youth, something! Love you, sis!

Anonymous said...


Peepie is nothing more than a pansy, plain and simple. Your mother writes semi-child-like, as usual.

Irene is building steam. Pray for our countrymen who are in danger over the next couple of days.


Tia Bach said...

Mom, You're such a great writer, you must know people will read in symbolism whether you intended it or not. So don't try denying. ;-)

Sending prayers. Wish you'd take the safe road and run so your poor daughter doesn't have to worry as much.