August 23, 2011

Appreciation is Rewarding: Tub-full Tuesday

It's Tub-full Tuesday. I must give kudos again to my husband for retrieving all my computer files (take that computer, you messed with the wrong family!), a definite tub-filler this week.

But I'm also grateful to accept The Versatile Blogger award given to Depression Cookies by Lisa at insignificant at best. I'm especially honored because Lisa's blog is so beautiful in design and content. Many thanks, Lisa. I look forward to continuing to follow you. Please stop by her blog and show some love.

The Rules of accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs (contact them to let them know).

Sharing for a writer should be like breathing, right? Wrong. I can create characters and even infuse them with pieces of myself, but I find it so difficult to openly discuss Tia. I'll take on the challenge, if for no other reason than I look forward to reading what all the other bloggers below write about themselves.

1. I hate onions. Hate them. I use onion powder all the time, but one bite into an onion bigger than a grain of sand, and I will throw up. Truly. I tell waiters/waitresses that I'm allergic to make sure onions are never in a dish. It makes Mexican food difficult, sadly.

2. I'm a people-watcher, insanely curious as to why people do what they do. I love open and honest people who own who they are and detail what they do. This is especially true of my fellow mothers. Nobody has the perfect child, so let's love them anyway and be honest about it.

3. I read in the bathtub. This poses a real problem for my Kindle, so paper books will always have a special place in my house. And, yes, I have dropped them in before. They dry and look all the more loved on my shelf.

4. I love to laugh. The quickest way to my heart is a joke or funny story. If you follow it with a brownie, you are golden. Which leads me to #5.

5. I'm a sugar addict. I need to work on this, and I blame my mother. She's an amazing cook and always had baked goods on hand when I was a teenager trying to survive. Nothing says I love you like a warm cookie or brownie.

6. I suck at running, yet I run several times a week. I refuse to let running beat me, but I envy runners who glide past me with grace, dignity and speed. Every foot drop causes a ripple effect when I run. I swear I make more noise on a treadmill than anyone. But I crank up the IPod music and keep going. (confession 6.5: I like to run to good beats, anything from Black Eyed Peas to Salt N Peppa)

7. My favorite sandwich grosses people out. Ready for it... peanut butter, sliced bananas and mayo. Try it before you judge!

Okay, I survived (and anyone reading hopefully survived as well) the list. Now to the best part... recommending other bloggers. My 15, in no particular order, because I love them all:

1. Teaching What is Good
2. Putting Words to Paper
3. Punk Rock Psychic
4. WAHM Solution
5. Imp3rfect Mom
6. The Billiegram
7. Motherlogue
8. Inspired Life
9. ItsAFullNest
10. Kristen Lamb's Blog
11. BooksYALove
12. 100 Smile Challenge
13. Memoir, Writing & Life
14. Intralingo
15. Someday, When I'm Famous

I hope you'll take the time to visit these awesome, and often inspiring, blogs!

Thanks again to Lisa, her appreciation and generosity filled my tub this week.

What filled your tub this week?


lisa said...

Awww! You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words. I can't wait to check out the blogs on your list that I don't recognize!

Oh and BTW, are we like long lost relatives? The first 4 sound just like me (though I'm not as bad with onions...I will eat them cooked LOL). Oh and the worst thing about my Kindle is that it isn't waterproof! I love taking a long, hot bath with a good book and yes I too have dropped my book in the tub, so bringing my Kindle in there is a definite "no, no"! LOL

Lisa Carter said...


I'm just getting back to blog reading after our trip/move, immediately headed on over to my favorite Tub-Full Tuesday first, and what do I find? That I'm included in your list! This has truly made my day... Thank you. ;-)

As for all that you share, I love it! These little glimpses into you are just great. But I don't know, the onion hating thing... Raw red onions marinated in lime and salt? Nice sauteed Spanish onions? Rich French onion soup? Mmm. Can't I tempt you at all?! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Laura says:

YEA to Depression Cookies for the award and a great post. And the funny thing is while I'm here typing, I'm also slowly cooking French Onion soup on my stovetop and have been at it since yesterday! I guess I can't count you in for dinner tonight! Oh, and huzzah to your husband for recovering your files!

Christine said...

Thank you for including me on your list! I loved reading yours. I hate onions also, although apparently (though I have no memory of this) as a toddler I ate them raw like apples and screamed if anyone tried to take them away. I also love to watch people (have to be careful so I'm not blatantly watching) and am a sugar addict. Watching what I eat has really pointed out how much sugar I eat and drink daily.

Tia Bach said...

Thanks everyone! Lisa C. & Christine, I'm late getting my individual emails out, but glad you stopped by and saw the news! And, Lisa... nope, not tempted at all. :-)

Thanks again Lisa for the honor.

And Laura, yes hubby is great. Thanks for stopping in.

Lisa said...

Tia, thanks so much for the mention! That is so kind of you! I appreciate it! Thanks and love to you! xo

Martha Giffen said...

Thanks for a nice list. I've visited some but didn't know about others. Love to find new blogs!

Liz said...

Thank you for including me, Tia. had me at peanut butter and banana but lost me with the mayo :). Looking forward to checking out the rest of your list!

Tia Bach said...

Lisa, Absolutely!

Martha, Glad you found some you liked. I just wish I could have mentioned more.

Liz, Try it. The mayo adds a bit of tang.

Thanks for the comment love!

Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

Wow, Tia, I'm blessed and honored to be on your list!! And I'm very glad you were awarded this because your blog is so fun and delightful!

Tia Bach said...

Kate, you are so sweet. Can't wait to see your response and find some more blogs to follow!

Michelle Shaeffer said...

I've got some of those "loved" books on my shelf, too. Oops. :)

Great list! I was only familiar with a few of these. Off to explore...

Tia Bach said...

Enjoy exploring, Michelle. I met several of these lovely bloggers through the Ultimate Blog Challenge, so thank you!

Kanesha @it's a full nest said...

How fun is this! Thanks so much for the gift and honor of being on your list. Fun fun fun!
I also love people watching as "ear hustling" (aka - eavesdropping a tiny bit).


Tia Bach said...

Kanesha, That might just be my new favorite term. I like it... ear hustling! Lord knows if I can't watch them, I'll at least listen. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to find some new blogs via your suggestions!