December 20, 2011

One Day Only, Just in Time for the Holidays!

My email box is full of amazing deals and bargains. Subject lines tempting me to buy one more gift at incredible prices. I don't need a new purse or sweater, but maybe I should just click the deal and find out. Right? So savvy.

But today I wanted to pass along a really great holiday treat. Today only, December 20, you can visit Nadja Notariani's An Author's Adventures blog and enter to win a signed copy of our novel, Depression Cookies. Our book is the Day 11 feature of the 12 Days of Christmas Reading List promotion. Leave a comment and you are entered. It's that simple.

If you already have a copy of our book, please feel free to enter for a gift copy. I'm sure there's a mother or daughter in your life who would enjoy the book.

About Depression Cookies:

2011 Readers Favorite Book Awards, Silver for Realistic Fiction & Finalist Chick Lit
2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Finalist Chick Lit

Depression Cookies is a coming of age story woven around the heart of family triumph. It is told from two distinct vantage points, middle-aged mother, Abby, and her teenage daughter, Krista.

Abby is buckling under the weight of a husband who is climbing the corporate ladder, three daughters each with their own unique needs, a mother who is going off the deep end and family health issues. As she is meeting everyone else's needs, her own keep surfacing. She feels she is losing parts of herself daily and doesn't know how to handle the stress and conflict. All she truly wants is a little magic in her life.

Krista is thirteen, battling acne and low self-esteem, when her father waltzes in and announces the family is moving again. Instead of letting fear and anxiety rule her life, she is determined to survive the trenches of teenage cruelty and family issues without completely losing herself in the process.


Good luck. Mom and I wish you and yours the best this holiday season and into the new year!

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