December 26, 2011

After-Christmas Sales: Finding the Bargains

The time honored tradition of heading out after Christmas to amazing sales has diminished in a poor economy. In some ways, this is great because the deals run all the time since retailers are desperate to bring in much-needed sales. Still, I was extremely disappointed in the lack of deals during Black Friday this year. The sales were less than stellar, and certainly not worth the effort of heading out at midnight on Thanksgiving day.

Everybody in my house had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly do not need to run out and find great deals but we do have gift cards to use. My parents used to give me money on Christmas day, so I could shop the after-Christmas sales and get more clothes (all I wanted in the teen years). Well, I also wanted a cute boy to like me, but Santa never seemed to take those requests seriously. Maybe Santa's like the genie in Aladdin... no wishing for love.

More than anything, I'm looking forward to spending the next week with my three girls and husband. Everybody has the whole week off. I've written posts ahead and stocked a couple of book reviews in anticipation. Walking around a crowded mall will just add to the memories. Although I'm sure my husband disagrees.

For all of you who enjoy after-Christmas bargains, check out The Year of the Indie Celebration sponsored by WoMen's Literary Cafe. From December 24 through December 31, over 100 authors and 100 books are featured. If you buy three eBooks, you get one free. Please see the site for details.

I know Kindles were on a lot of people's lists, so it's time to fill them up at a bargain.

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