December 14, 2011

Better to Give or Receive: ROW80 Check In

Yesterday, BlogHer's NaBloPoMo asked:

Which do you enjoy more: receiving or giving?

Each time I give a gift, I receive a special reward. I receive that warm, fuzzy feeling of making someone happy. When I receive a gift, I give thanks. The two go hand in hand.

I won't lie. I love the anticipation of opening a package. Your senses take in all the data first. Package size, weight, who it's from. Then there's the shake test. Does something rattle? Sometimes the anticipation is as much or more fun than the gift itself.

On the flip side, the giver gets to enjoy someone opening a special gift. I appreciate when people call me to thank me for gifts received, but it's not the same as watching someone open a present. I really should get my children to open presents on Skype for our friends and family who can't be with us on Christmas.

The most special gift I've ever received (and I received it three times) required a lot of giving on my part. I've never anticipated a gift more than the births of my three beautiful daughters. Admittedly, the receiving was more enjoyable than the giving. Still, as soon as the doctor put my daughter in my arms, the labor was washed away. Or, maybe just dulled. When my preteen daughter gives me flak, I can remember the labor pretty intensely.

As an avid reader and writer, I love reading books as much as I love writing books. It's the same concept. With a book, the anticipation is examining the cover and reading the back summary. The story is a gift from the author. I equally enjoy being on the receiving and gifting end of books. Hearing a reader loved my book is as big a thrill as someone enjoying the sweater I gave them. And a handmade sweater at that.

What's more fun... watching people open gifts from you or opening your own gifts?

A Round of Words in 80 Days Update

First of all, I'm truly grateful for the gift of ROW80. I am a better writer with all of your support and guidance.

Writing: More like brainstorming. Some writing (1,500 words), but more hours (5 hours). Switching between projects is still proving daunting for me. Hoping to get the hang of it soon. One novel is about to get to the meaty parts, so I think that's be easier. Two books in the beginning stages is draining.

Blogging: I'm having fun with blogging. Posting daily here and averaging at least three times a week on Mom in Love with Fiction.

Miscellaneous: There are so many great blogs and so little time. Still, I try to keep up. I'm looking forward to some down time over the holidays (I'm going to pretend I didn't hear sarcastic laughter. There has to be some down time coming soon!), and catching up.

Exercise: Much better. I actually ran one of my three miles yesterday while talking on the phone with my sister. I was pretty proud of my multitasking, until my breathing got a little heavier. All of the sudden my sister starts laughing and says, "Oh my God. Are you running?"

With the craziness of year-end and the season, how are my writer friends holding up?


The Daring Novelist said...

Switching between projects IS difficult. Sometimes you've got to just pick one and go with it. Sometimes you have to leverage the problems into solutions: anytime you get stuck, jump to something else. (Either back and forth between projects, OR jump to the next scene that's interesting.)

The key to that is to only do it as long as it allows you to write more. If you just dither back and forth and don't write much more, you might as well sit still and make yourself work on what is in front of you.

Juliana said...

I love giving gifts! Though, I still didn't buy any and have no idea what to give to some of my family members, I love giving.
Receiving ... of course I like receiving, but I got to a point in my life where presents don't do much for me. I prefer a nice flower bouquet, an invitation for dinner, a card, or just a hug.
Like you, I like writing AND reading. Can't imagine my life without books to read ;)
The rest is going well, I see.
Good job!

Kim Switzer said...

I love both--I love picking out or making just the right thing for someone. Seeing them open it is great, too, but I think figuring out that oh-so-special, perfect thing is my favorite part.

Yes, there should be downtime during the holidays! I think if we say it often enough, maybe we can make it happen. :)

Tia Bach said...

The Daring Novelist, Truer words were never spoken. ;-) Sometimes two is distracting and leaves me getting nothing done. Thanks for the advice.

Juliana, We think alike. I hope to find better balance in 2012 to enjoy writing AND reading.

Kim, So true. And I hope we both get our wish of downtime!

Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

The line your sister said on the phone to you got a laugh out of me. So funny. Glad you got your run in.

Annette Gendler said...

There is a Jewish saying: Living is giving, and I often think about that. I can tell you that right now I am happy with excitement at the gift I thought up for my husband - his birthday is next week. It's a funny gift and I can't help laughing about it all the time.

Tia Bach said...

Jackie & Annette, So wonderful to have my Blogathon sisters stopping by!

Jackie, I was quite proud of running while talking on the phone, but my sister is still chuckling over it. ;-)

Annette, Love that saying. I love the gift that keeps on giving, especially if it gives happiness and laughter.

Best of the holidays to both of you!

Wendy Jane said...

Hey! Good work. And what a lovely opening. Giving, definitely. And way to go with the running. You're my hero!

Tia Bach said...

Wendy, You are so sweet. Thanks for stopping by. I've found running, heck any kind of exercising, quite stress-relieving and therapeutic. Problem is... if I miss it, I feel it. Good motivation, though.

I so appreciate your ROW80 support!