December 28, 2011

Card Playing Day

Today, December 28, is Card Playing Day. What a wonderful way to enjoy the holidays. Gather your friends and family, fill the table with treats and drinks (slip some stuff into the adults' drinks for added patience and warmth), and pick your favorite card game. Laugh, enjoy each other, and be merry.

My girls are 11, 9 and 6. Some of our favorite card games:
  • UNO - It's hard to find a game that all three ages can play well. This one works. You just need to recognize numbers and colors. The older they are, the more strategy they can play. But in the end, like most card games, it's the luck of the draw.
  • Old Maid - What's more fun that sticking someone with Old Maid? I'm not very sneaky, so my kids read my face pretty well. It's the kid version of a poker face. And, finally, my kids are old enough not to start this game with, "That's not fair, I got the old woman."
  • Would You Rather - My kids love this one, and I love the inevitable laughter. The card game is silly, but fun. It's a choice between would you rather scenarios. There are no winners or points, just pure fun. Example: Would you rather not be able to hear anything or not be able to taste anything?
  • Apples to Apples - There are green cards with themes and red cards with random words. You throw down your best match of theme and word and the judge (the person throwing down the theme) picks the best one. So much fun.
The point is to sit down with friends and family and have fun!

Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

What's your favorite card/board game? My family is always looking for more!


Julie Glover said...

We love Apples to Apples. My kids are older - not to mention boys - so our tastes may be a bit different. However, we have really enjoyed Settlers of Cataan, Carcasonne, and Killer Bunnies. Yes, I know that last one sounds weird, but it's pretty fun. (You try to kill each other's bunnies.)Enjoy the holidays!

Anonymous said...

I loved playing cards as a youngster, but haven't touched them in a long time. Now I'm aching to get my hands on a deck.

Happy New Year!

Beth said...

Love most board games (hate Risk, Life, and Monopoly which my kids love) and should be playing more but letting them play with all the new electronic stuff. We love Whoonu (all ages can win), Blokus, Rummikub, and Qwirkle.

Tia Bach said...

Wow, thanks for the great suggestions. We will have to get a few new games for New Year's Eve. Our big plans are to play card/board games with our kids and have Sparkling Grape Juice until the ball drops. Single people everywhere will be so jealous! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year everyone!