May 7, 2012

5 Movie Types that Influence my Blogging

Today is the first theme-day of the 2012 WordCount Blogathon: Five Movies that Inspired my Blogging.

I love movies, second only to books as a choice for entertainment, so I was thrilled to see this theme day. Instead of picking five specific movies, I've picked five movie themes.

Young Adult Books Turned Into Movies
My oldest daughter and I are avid readers, so we share books. It's a way to strengthen our mother-daughter bond. Plus, I've found some great reads this way.

Since I often write about my role as a mother, these shared interests make perfect blog posts. The most recent example was Hunger Games (I hope to have a review up soon). My daughter and I talked for hours about the books and couldn't wait for movie. We did the same with Lightning Thief, but then we were disappointed in the movie.

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Reimagined Fairy Tales
Who doesn't love a fairy tale? Lately, movies (and TV with ABC's Once Upon a Time) like Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsmen, and Red Riding Hood remind us that even the most beloved stories can be reimagined.

I often struggle to cover new ground in blog posts. I need to remember that I can post about even the most popular subjects, as long as I put my own spin on it.

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Superhero Movies
Last summer was filled with them, and we didn't miss one. Thanks to my husband's determination to have the girls love his toys, my girls are infatuated with superheroes. We even saw Avengers this weekend (another review I need to get done).

These movies serve as a great reminder to write what you are passionate about. The successful superhero movies tell a good story about well-loved characters. They also realize you can't just bank on a known commodity, such as superhero fans. Blog posts are the same. You can't bank on people coming back if you're content isn't worthwhile.

Women's Movies/Chick Flicks
I'm not a fan of the terms chick flick or chick lit, but I love a movie or book that showcases women's issues and relationships. However, a formulaic chick flick is not for me. I'm not willing to watch a movie just because girls meets guy, guy isn't ready, coincidences happen, man finally falls hopelessly in love. I prefer some depth, wit, and chemistry.

I try to write about women's issues and the wonderful gift of the bonds between women, so these types of books and movies greatly influence my blog and my writing.

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Movies That I Should Have Quit
Have you ever wanted to walk out of a movie because it was so bad or not what you expected? Did you? I usually don't, hoping beyond all hope that it redeems itself (It's even harder for me to put a book down). But there are several movies I wish I had walked out on.

There are so many blogs out there to choose from. Our posts should be honest, up to date, and believable so people don't choose to go elsewhere. It might be hard to leave an $11 movie, but it isn't hard for people to click to a new site.

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What do movies teach you about posting? Or better yet, about life?


Unknown said...

Great post. Good food for thought. And I've definitely walked out on movies before -- I generally fall asleep during them! I walked out on Mission Impossible because I just couldn't take it, anymore. The non-stop unbelievable stunts just drove me nuts. And I walked out on A River Runs Through It. It just bored me to tears. But I've also seen some very powerful movies that I didn't want to end. Those two weren't it for me.

Tia Bach said...

What is it with Brad Pitt? Shouldn't he be enough to keep us entertained, if for nothing more than eye candy? ;-) I wanted to walk out on Legends of the Fall, talk about depressing. But I didn't.

Always love when you stop by, Jackie!

Kathryn (KL) Lance said...

Like Jackie, I never had a problem walking out on movies. But I don't see movies any more, except on tv (for health reasons). Your post brought back some great memories for me of watching movies with my mother and sister. Our favorite of all time might have been Tiger Bay, which introduced Horst Buchholz, the Brad Pitt Eye Candy of his day.

LT said...

Tia, I like your approach on this. I think great storytelling crosses all media boundaries: movies, blog posts, social networking. What do my movie preferences teach me? That I'd better have a good sense of humor, or I'll self-bore.

DAnielle said...

Thanks for sharing your movie inspirations. Although it seems an odd pairing, movies can jump start many great pieces of writing.

Babette said...

Ha. I love the idea of "movies I should have quit." I walked out of Rachel Getting Married. Some guy actually moaned quite loudly: "I hate this movie!" And I turned to my friend and said, "Me too."

We left.

I can't wait to see Snow White and the Huntsmen. I saw Mirror, Mirror and enjoyed it.

Tia Bach said...

Kathryn, I need to learn to walk out when it's just not working (it's easier when I can just turn off the TV/DVD).

LT, Life really is all about humor!

Danielle, I totally agree!

Barb, Good for both of you. I am looking forward to Snow White and the Huntsman, too.

I really appreciate all the comments!