May 2, 2012

Speeding By: ROW80 Check In

What about A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) makes Sunday to Wednesday go by in such a flash?! Actually the whole round is scooting by too quickly.

I have a brief update since I'm posting daily for Blogathon (and other challenges) this month. Normally I'd include the ROW80 update in a post, but I've been trying to write posts ahead.

My Update

Writing: Only 516 words since Sunday. But to be fair, I spent six hours in a car on Tuesday (coming back from a quick trip to North Carolina to meet with friends, family, and clients). I hope to make Thursday and Friday #teamsprinty #row80 wordsprints this week.

Blogging: Like crazy. I will post one a day here in May. Mom in Love with Fiction may have to suffer a bit this month.

Editing: Back to it. I hope to spend an hour tomorrow and Friday focused on client editing.

Social Media: Some days it feels like I'll never get around to all the blogs I want to. But I'm trying. Honestly.

Reading: Can't. Keep. My. Eyes. Open. Lately.

Exercise: Still getting up at 5:30am two days a week to run plus one long run. I'm happy.

I hope my ROW80 friends are kicking it. Check out their awesomeness here.


Sara Lancaster said...

And I thought I had a lot to do! You are one dedicated writer. Go, you.
Thanks for stopping by my site. Glad to know you through the Blogathon.

Lauren Garafalo said...

Wednesday through Sunday DOES fly by. I have contemplated checking in only on Wednesdays because of that, but then I miss everyone! Sounds like you've had a busy busy week with the traveling and blogging. Congrats on fitting all that in. Here's to a more peaceful finish to the week. Hope you can make it to the sprint tomorrow!

Tia Bach said...

Sara, Thanks for the cheer! Blogathon rocks.

Lauren, It's a date. I even put an alarm on my phone to remind me tomorrow.

Eden Mabee said...

Tia, it's not just you. I'd say it's that extra day from Wednesday to Sunday, but really... the ROWnd is just seems to be whipping by (sometimes, I fear, with real whips). If there were 48 hours in a day, I think we'd all still be just treading water--as I read through a lot of ROWers' posts, we seem to all be trying to take on more and more.

So, give yourself a bit of personal time. Step back, have some warm tea or hot chocolate with a nice book that you just want to read for fun. Refill your soul a bit. You are doing great. Now let your body know that you realize this.

Tia Bach said...

Eden, what inspiring and sweet words. Thank you. This whole week has flown by... I can't believe there's another check in tomorrow. Crazy. Hope you are having a great week!