October 19, 2017

2017 Pages of Fear Blog Hop

Welcome to the first ever Pages of Fear blog hop. It’s a pre-Halloween event celebrating authors who like to fright and delight with their writing. As you progress through the twenty-eight blogs/websites you’ll learn about authors you may already know and be introduced to some new ones.

Everyone loves the opportunity to get something free. All of the authors have gathered together to give ONE lucky winner signed copies of their books (one per author -- see images above). You may even find other types of giveaways on their sites, so keep your eyes open. While you’re looking you want to locate the secret word on each site. Make a list of the words in the proper order. When you reach the final destination (Authorsfbenson.com), you’ll find an email address. Send your list to it. The winner will be selected courtesy of random.org. Ready? On your mark. Get set. Go!

In addition I am giving away THREE ebooks of Book of Spells via Rafflecopter (my event also ends 10/21). Please see form at the bottom of this email.

About my novella, Bittersweet Vengeance...

Love is cruel.

Not all first loves have a happy ending. For Natalia, her first love delivers soul-crushing heartache. A moment of weakness brings her unimaginable power, but it comes with a catch.

Vengeance is Bittersweet.

With revenge as her new life’s purpose, Natalia realizes there’s no solace in being judge, jury, and executioner. But can she break the ancient curse before she loses her soul?

Okay, I know you need your secret word, but sometimes I can be a real mess. (he he)

To continue the hop, please go to NJ Ember's site here.

And in case you happened upon my blog first, make your way over to Lily Luchesi’s website at lilyluchesibooks.wix.com/lilyluchesi where the blog hop started.

The event ends at SIX PM October 21st and will officially close out on the Facebook page. A winner will be chosen on October 22nd. 

And now for my Rafflecopter (this is just entering you for MY giveaway)...

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October 15, 2017

October Frights Blog Hop: Day 6

Welcome to the last day of the October Frights Blog Hop. I hope you've had fun reading my posts this week. If you missed any, scroll down. There's some good stuff. Not that I'm biased or anything. LOL

Today, I thought I'd leave you with a confession...

I'm a wimp when it comes to scary stuff. Scary Movies? Nope. They are just too visual for me. But to be fair, books are even harder because I have a wicked imagination. So much so that I horrify myself enough in any given day to cause a heart attack. 

Let me explain. I have three girls (17, 15 & 12). Whenever one is late, and I can't reach them on their cell phone, I imagine the worst-case scenarios. I can't help it. My mind doesn't even consider that they stopped for gas or a McDonalds drink... or that their cell phone died. Nope. I imagine that some burly guy with an ax forced them into a dark alley. Seriously, my brain is always in overdrive.

So since my brain operates like Stephen King, I can't watch scary things or read about them. Especially nothing to do with young women (hello, I have three daughters) or kids in general. 

Oh, and don't even get me started on my nightmares. My brain even tortures me when I'm asleep. And I'm one of those crazy people who wake up--heart pounding, breath ragged--and it's like I hit pause on the dream. As soon as I go back to sleep, it starts right back up.

Okay, that might be a couple of confessions. Eep!

Do you like scary books/movies? Do you have nightmares or imagine worst-case scenarios?


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October 14, 2017

October Frights Blog Hop: Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the October Frights Blog Hop. Today, I'm sharing a spooky Halloween story I shared years ago, but it's still one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy it.

Never Answer Death's Call

Darkness was everywhere. Thud. Thud. Thud. My heartbeat, deafening as it quickened, was the only sound. As my eyes adjusted to the blackness, I realized I was in a narrow passageway. Roots and dirt surrounded me. 

Cramped and terrified, I squeezed my eyes shut. “Wake up, before it’s too late.” A voice I didn’t know echoed in my head. My eyes flew open. Still, there was nothing. 

Panic set in. Then, I heard it. A noise like nails on a chalkboard, and it was getting closer. An eerie voice began to chant my name. 

“Don’t answer the call.” The voice from before. I moved forward, pushing away roots and spider webs to clear my path. My hand reached out just in time to keep me from running into a wall. A dead end. 

Again, my name echoed in the small space. This time, it was my mother’s voice. 

Relief flooded through me. I turned and started to answer, but before I could utter a sound, someone grabbed me from behind and clamped a hand over my mouth. A voice, so close to my ear I could feel the breathing, whispered, “Death is tricky. Never answer. He’ll take you.”

( ^_^ ) ( ^_^ ) ( ^_^ ) ( ^_^ ) ( ^_^ )

Many years ago, I had this dream and awoke to my mom shaking me. When I told her about it, she said her grandmother once told her that you should never answer a voice calling to you in the night because it was Death. 

When my children were young, I would shiver whenever they called out to me at night. After all, Death is tricky.

( ^_^ ) ( ^_^ ) ( ^_^ ) ( ^_^ ) ( ^_^ )

Have you ever had a nightmare that stuck with you?

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October 13, 2017

October Frights Blog Hop Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of the October Frights Blog Hop. 

Halloween is a time when we embrace dressing up and becoming something else. In my world as a paranormal author, I can't help but imagine what it would be like to be a paranormal creature. If I could be anything for a day, it would be a witch. A look I tried on a few Halloweens ago.

To have awesome power but still be able to masquerade through daily life as a human... that seems the perfect scenario to me.

But there's something very alluring about being a vampire too. Except I faint at the sight of blood. Oh well.

If you could be any paranormal creature for a day, what would you be?


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October 12, 2017

October Frights Blog Hop Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the October Frights Blog Hop. Today, I'm sharing an excerpt from my novella, Bittersweet Vengeance, which is included in Book of Spells, a collection of stories from Christina Benjamin, Katie M John, Patti Larsen, Carlyle Labuschagne, Caroline Gill, Susan Burdorf, and me.

An Excerpt from Bittersweet Vengeance
Tia Silverthorne Bach

“I demand revenge!”

I attempted to stay focused through the young woman’s tale of woe and mistreatment, yet another harrowing story about despair and terrible wrongs. Not too long prior, I’d perch on the edge of my seat, soaking in every last breath of the damned, from those desperate to strike out against the evil that had stolen a piece of their soul. My skin would tingle with anticipation, my heart skipping a beat, as I conjured up inventive ways to exact justice. Righting wrongs became my obsession.

From my own horrific experience came the power to enact justice, to provide the victim some comeuppance. Once a target myself, I’d sworn to fight against the tyranny of abusers.

As the petite blonde spewed out her story—another tale of an insensitive and uncaring man leaving a young woman stripped of her confidence and self-worth—I listened with little more than numbness. I’d heard it all over the years, but my conscience and doubt had crept in, and I’d decided to investigate the claims, no longer motivated solely by emotionally wrought sob stories. I’d seen the underbelly of being judge, jury, and executioner.

Amazon Buy Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0758DBJNW (please make note of the Reader Notes included in the description)

Add it to your spooky reads for Halloween!

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October 11, 2017

October Frights Blog Hop Day 2

Welcome back! It's Day 2 of the October Frights Blog Hop. Today, I wanted to share about my paranormal romance, Enchanted Souls

Enchanted Souls is a stand-alone in the Saint Grove's universe, and it has a Halloween-based storyline. A bit about Saint Grove's...

Welcome to Saint's Grove, a charming Southern town situated at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia. Filled with historical buildings, landmarks, and quirky local legends, the small community will find itself turned upside down when an astrological event rips open the seals of the otherworldly planes. Saint's Grove will be filled with paranormal creatures, many of whom do not have the best intentions. With only seven days until Halloween--the day the seals will close again for good--the townspeople will find themselves fighting for their lives ... and for love.

About Enchanted Souls

Two Souls Tethered. An Unbreakable Bond.

A rare occurrence brings the planets into alignment, causing the seals that separate the universes to break. Lost souls search for home while two hearts that were shattered try to find their missing pieces. 

When Alyxandria Duvall meets Micah, sparks fly, and their hearts burst into flames. They welcome their daughter not long after; then Micah goes missing under mysterious circumstances, leaving a path of heartache, death, and destruction in his wake. Still, Fate has more in store for them. 

Galactic anomalies are propelling their lives toward their destinies. Light years separate them, but their souls gravitate toward one another. Can love overpower the universe’s boundaries?

Read the first chapter for free here.

Get your copy


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October 10, 2017

October Frights Blog Hop: Day 1

The Ghoulish Blog Hop Celebrating All Things That Go Bump In The Night

A wonderful event of dark and devilish things happens from October 10th-15th. Visit the blogs of your favorite paranormal and horror authors. There will be all kinds of fun with special spooky posts.

Keep checking back here this week. I will be sharing an excerpt from Bittersweet Vengeance, my witchy story included in the Book of Spells collection and an original Halloween story. Plus more. 

And there's an awesome giveaway that ends 10/15/17 at midnight. Some details:

Prize List:

1st Prize:
20$ Amazon Gift Card (offered by Katie M. John)
Two eBook Set of Killers and Demons Series by A. F. Stewart
Starblood graphic novel (signed paperback for UK, e-book if outside UK) by Carmilla Voiez
Charm City (US paperback or International ebook) by Ash Krafton
A Claire Riley ebook (winners choice) and a swag pack
Being Human ebook by Patricia Lynne
Pandora's Curse by James McDonald (US paperback or International ebook)
Book of Spells Anthology ebook by Tia Silverthorne Bach
Paperback of Love Remains by Zrinka Jelic

2nd Prize:
Horror Haiku and Other Poems ebook by A. F. Stewart
Creatures Gone Astray ebook short stories by Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl
Kindle copy of The Cottage by Lavinia Urban
PDF ebook of  A Persistence of Geraniums by John Linwood Grant

A Melanie McFarlane ebook
When Blood Reigns by Barbara Custer (signed paperback for US, e-book if outside US)

One ebook copy of either Curiously Dark Tales or Solstice (winner's choice)
by Debbie Christiana

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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October 6, 2017

The 2017 Pages of Fear Blog Hop

Join me and 27 other authors for a paranormal 3-Day Blog Hop on October 19!
Meet writers of paranormal and horror fiction and enter for a chance to win 
a SIGNED PAPERBACK from all of us!

Start the hop with Lily Luchesi’s website on October 19: lilyluchesibooks.wix.com/lilyluchesi

Look for the Secret Word on the blog post for the hop. Each author has been given a word and it’s in BOLD on their site. Make note of each Secret Word. Each one fills in the blanks for a flash fiction story. You’ll turn in your entry to Author SF Benson. 

ONE winner will be chosen via Random.org and will receive SIGNED paperbacks from all participating authors. (Contest is restricted to winners in the U.S. and Canada.)

Stay tuned for more information.

October 2, 2017

Ten Things I Love About You: 90s novella Cover Reveal

I am so thrilled to be part of this amazing set of stories and to have had the chance to work with this rock star authors as well as Janet Wallace and Regina Wamba of WaWa Productions.

First, the gorgeous cover by Regina Wamba...

And now a little something about the collection:

The 90s: The decade of AOL, Grunge music, the Gulf War, OJ Simpson trial, Friends, Seinfeld, Britney and Christina, tattoos and belly button piercings, Monica Lewinsky, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Tarantino movies. It was a decade of polarities and hilarity.
Those who reached adulthood in the Nineties were branded Generation X, and were labeled apathetic slackers and cynics. But, ultimately, this generation was called on to bridge the gap between old ideals and new technologies and ways of living.
These new adults had to find jobs, find themselves, and find love amidst rapidly changing landscapes online and off.
TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU is a collection of ten contemporary romance, new adult, stand-alone stories set in the 1990s.
The title of each love story will be a hit song from the year that the novella represents, and are written, respectively, by award-winning and bestselling authors.
1990: "Nothing Compares 2 U" -- Michele G Miller + Mindy Hayes
1991: "More Than Words" -- Christina Benjamin
1992: "Jump" -- Micalea Smeltzer
1993: “Can't Help Falling in Love” -- L.A. Fiore
1994: “The Sign” -- Carey Heywood Author
1995: “Who Will Save Your Soul” -- Skye Warren
1996: “Always Be My Baby” -- Mary Ting
1997: “Lovefool” -- Katie M John
1998: "My Heart Will Go On" -- Tia Silverthorne Bach
1999: "Genie in a Bottle" -- Elise Kova
** Pre-Order price is 50% off! ONLY $4.99 **

And here's a little something about my story, My Heart Will Go On...

A car accident ripped her heart in two, and Kerry is still picking up the pieces. During the day, she focuses on Lucy’s, the coffee shop and cafĂ© she inherited from her parents. But she relishes the night, when she can live via dreams of the love she lost.

Then, Jase walks into her life, and she finds herself more drawn to reality. But tragedy and loss define her, and she’s not sure she can move on.

Can her heart mend so she can love again?

What is your favorite memory from the 90s?