October 15, 2017

October Frights Blog Hop: Day 6

Welcome to the last day of the October Frights Blog Hop. I hope you've had fun reading my posts this week. If you missed any, scroll down. There's some good stuff. Not that I'm biased or anything. LOL

Today, I thought I'd leave you with a confession...

I'm a wimp when it comes to scary stuff. Scary Movies? Nope. They are just too visual for me. But to be fair, books are even harder because I have a wicked imagination. So much so that I horrify myself enough in any given day to cause a heart attack. 

Let me explain. I have three girls (17, 15 & 12). Whenever one is late, and I can't reach them on their cell phone, I imagine the worst-case scenarios. I can't help it. My mind doesn't even consider that they stopped for gas or a McDonalds drink... or that their cell phone died. Nope. I imagine that some burly guy with an ax forced them into a dark alley. Seriously, my brain is always in overdrive.

So since my brain operates like Stephen King, I can't watch scary things or read about them. Especially nothing to do with young women (hello, I have three daughters) or kids in general. 

Oh, and don't even get me started on my nightmares. My brain even tortures me when I'm asleep. And I'm one of those crazy people who wake up--heart pounding, breath ragged--and it's like I hit pause on the dream. As soon as I go back to sleep, it starts right back up.

Okay, that might be a couple of confessions. Eep!

Do you like scary books/movies? Do you have nightmares or imagine worst-case scenarios?


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A. F. Stewart said...

I'm the same way. I write horror, but mostly I'm too chicken to watch it or read it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a wuss too and can't do horror movies. I can do books, though. Not sure why, either, because I have quite the active imagination too, so you'd think reading would be worse because I can easily go overboard.

Jo Michaels said...

I love horror, but it always gives me bad dreams. :(

Not sure what I'd do if my dreams started back up :O Scary!