May 20, 2012

The Smallest Things: ROW80 & #writemotivation Udpates

Sometimes the smallest things make me happy. Yesterday it was a magazine cover (if you missed it, please check out the men from Magic Mike here) and a book fair (more details on that this week).

Today, it was running across a friend's email with this picture...

Did you hear about this story?

Tim Tebow was quite the phenomenon during the Denver Broncos run in the playoffs this past winter. My friend's neighbor made this ice sculpture in Tim Tebow's honor and made Fox News: Tebow immortalized in snow sculpture. This was just a mile from where I used to live in Superior, Colorado.

Do you notice the small brown book on Tebow's arm?

Here's a closer look...

It's my book, Depression Cookies. What fun! Thanks, Shannon.

What was your last important small thing?

Now for Updates...

A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80)

Writing: I wrote 1,027 words on Friday on my YA book. Too bad it's the only day I wrote, but at least I added words. Saturday was spent at the Gaithersburg Book Festival. More to come on that later in the week. So. Much. Fun.

Editing: Two of my clients just received their galley copies. I'm so proud, and I'm excited for them! Now back to the short story collection (or so I'm trying to convince her!) and the YA paranormal (one I expect great things from).

Blogging: Daily. My post this week, Reviewing Without Prejudice, Can Honesty Turn on You?, was featured on BlogHer.

Reading: Just finished one book and about to finish another. Need to write two reviews. Still lagging on reading a craft book.

Social Media: I'm finding it increasingly difficult to visit new blogs. I already have so many I love, and there are only so many hours in the day. What to do. What to do.

Exercise: I should make this a separate goal from eating/sugar, because I am so proud of my exercise achievements but lagging on cutting out sugar. I'm especially proud that got up Saturday morning at 5:45am to run five miles before the book fair.


1. Write a minimum of five days a week for a total of 2,500 words on my works in progress.
Wrote five days, thanks to blog posts, but only added in some capacity or another and added 1,027 to my YA novel. Mom just sent back chapters for me to answer on our Depression Cookies follow-up, so I'm hoping for busy writing days this week.

2. Get current novel, Depression Cookies, up on Smashwords by month's end.
No progress. Still hoping.

3. Read a book every 10 days, plus at least one craft book in the month of May.
Finished one book and almost done with another. Ahead of goal.


Anonymous said...

The words "book festival" have me salivating. I love that ice sculpture too! Nice week. I hope you get more time to write this week. Best wishes getting Depression Cookies up on Smashwords. I've heard that is a bit of process.

Have a wonderful week, Tia!

Jaleh D said...

I really admire your determination. Keep at it. You can do it! :D

Tia Bach said...

Julie, The book festival was so inspiring. Should have a post up about it Thursday or Friday.

Jaleh, Thanks.

I really appreciate all your support, ladies. You keep me going.

Rebekah Loper said...

that's an awesome picture! Good luck with the Smashwords process, I've heard their formatting is more tricky than most e-book publishers . . .

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Rebekah. I'm still wading through Smashwords formatting.