May 16, 2012

Pumped After Stalling: ROW80 Check In

For someone who stalled on the writing front this week, I sure do feel pumped.

First, I am blogging daily in May as part of WordCount's Blogathon. I'm enjoying some old blogging friends while finding new ones.

In the last few days, I bookmarked several writing-related posts to print and keep. So now it's time to share what I found:

The ABCs of Web Content Writing
By Sara Lancaster, No 2 Pen Blog

From A to Z, Sara gives helpful advice for web content writing. But I thought it could be used for any kind of writing. Some of my favorites...

  • Stop BORING yourself. Write content you would want to read.
  • Never let a good idea escape you. JOT it down!
  • READ Web content out loud. (My note: I edit everything this way)
Novel Writing, Three Ways to Keep Going When You're Stuck
By Kathryn Lance, Books and Musings Blog

We've all been there... staring at a blank page. Kathryn had some wonderful advice. My favorite: write a scene you know you can do.

From Writer Granny's World
Keep Your Passion for Writing Alive
By Nancy Julien Kopp, Writer Granny's World

Would a poster of four good looking men keep you focused on your writing? Nancy inspired me to keep on writing by reminding me why I write and what excuses I use not to.

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Book Cover
By Laura Orsini, Marcie Brock, Book Marketing Maven

Some great advice with example covers. My favorite tidbit...The bottom line is: Design the most professional cover you can afford. After editing, it is the most important part of the book!

Also check out her Author Blog Challenge. I hope to sign up sometime this week, although June will be interesting with travel and kids home from school. Hmmmm.

Please take some time to stop by and read these posts.
I promise you'll come away inspired!

Now for my A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) check in...

Writing: Yep, but not on my WIP. Sad face. The fact that Mom has the chapters right now is no excuse. I have a YA book in the works and a new short story. Write. Woman. Write.

Blogging: Daily. Keeping up with Blogathon commitments.

Reading & Editing: Sluggish. Sunday was Mother's Day and yesterday was my oldest daughter's birthday. And, yes... I did wait until the last minute to get gifts, make a cake, make cards, etc.

Social Media: My husband has been out of town, so I've stayed up way too late catching up. But catching up I did.

Exercise: Fist pump. Too bad sugar reared its ugly head in the shape of my daughter's birthday cake!

How are my fellow writers doing this week?


Julie Glover said...

Thanks for the links! Hope you can get to some of that great writing this week. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter, Tia.

Lisa Carter said...

I loved all of these same posts, too, Tia! Glad to hear you're pumped to keep writing.

Jaleh D said...

I love that poster of the the 4 guys but the guy on the left, which I'm guessing is Chris Evans, throws me off, because the beard makes him look different and out of place, and hence I can't see Captain America peeking through his eyes. (One of these things is not like the others; one of these things is not the same.) The others I can see their hero personas, and yes, if they were in front of me pointing their finger to get to work, I would. After I made them talk to me some first of course! :D But the poster itself I'd have a hard having hanging over me with Evans' face not looking the way I'm used to.

You've got some great links here. I especially liked the one on designing book covers.

Unknown said...

Great links. It's inspiring to see the many ways you stay motivated.

Tia Bach said...

Julie, Thanks. 12 has happened way too quickly.

Lisa, Blogathon is really rocking this year, isn't it?!

Jaleh, Yes, Chris Evan is the least recognizable. But I'll take him in almost any form. ;-)

Jackie, Thanks so much. Your post today was so inspiring.

Jan said...

Tia, loved all the posts...but that picture of those men - extremely cute. That's the winner.

Don't be hard on yourself - you sound like you're doing well and producing a lot.

Am thankful for that I met you last year. :)

Kim Switzer said...

Thanks so much for the excellent links! I especially liked the story on how to keep going when you're stuck.

Sounds like you've been making good progress. The WIP will bring itself back into your writing queue, never fear! It's on your mind, so it will make it back to your pen. :)

Stephsco said...

Hi! you posted over at my blog for my new follower giveaway and I'd love to send you some books! Let me know your contact info at stephsco at gmail. Thanks!

Steph said...

Thanks for sharing the blog posts, your successes, and your challenges. I'd say Mother's Day and a b-day party definitely qualify as "the life" Kait refers to, as in "the challenge for writers who have a life." All the best in the week ahead.

Tia Bach said...

Jan, I'm grateful to have met you too. Thanks for your encouraging words!

Kim, Hope you enjoyed the links. I found them quite inspiring.

Steph(sco), I sent you the info. Fun!

Steph, I too would love to give a shout out to Kait! Thanks.