May 21, 2012

In Which I do Haiku

It's Haiku Day for the 2012 Wordcount Blogathon. I admire poets, but I don't consider myself one.

Last year, I chickened out and had my mom write the haiku. Not only do I got to her for most of life's challenges, but she is a published poet.

Haiku 2011 (by Mom)

Motherhood begins
No lessons or a manual
Just sheer off the cuff

Continuing with the sheer off the cuff theme, I thought I'd tackle some haiku today.

On Writing

Try to calm my soul
to touch the emotions there
and create story

My sweet muses

On Parenting

Every night I swear
I will be a better Mom
the very next day

On Being a Woman

Tears, fear, joy and pain
are only some of the things
I tackle each day

On Blogathon

Discover new blogs
cherish blogs from last year's fun
grow as a writer

That's it. That's all my brain can handle.

Now I'm off to see
what my fellow bloggers did
with the haiku day


Unknown said...

beautiful haiku
japanese has no plurals
and I love them all

Ok, you are much braver than me. I know my head would implode if I tried to comment to everyone's in haiku. LOL

Jennifer Willis said...

Nice, Tia! The first haiku poem I ever wrote was on a theme day during a previous blogathon . . .

Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

Tia, you did GREAT!! I'm so impressed that you wrote more than one. I'm such a poetry wimp myself. Last year I shared one my daughter's friend wrote -- this year I wrote my own. Oh well, lame is OK too!! ;-D

Unknown said...

The "On Parenting" Haiku is one I'm sure a lot of mothers (and dads) can relate to! Very good. :-D

Tia Bach said...

Liberty, I started off braver than I ended. ;-)

Jen, This is my first, since I passed it on to Mom last year.

Kate, Thanks!

Melissa, Thanks! I know it was true of my parenting, especially on "those days".

I need to make some more Haiku rounds today. Should be fun!

Susan Oloier said...

All of them are wonderful, Tia. I especially like the one about parenting.

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Susan.