April 30, 2012

Zero Zig-Zagging to Zenith = Z: Blogging from A to Z

Zenith (noun)
1. the point on the celestial sphere vertically above a given position or observer. 2. a highest point or state; culmination

The A to Z journey is like most of my writing journeys. You start at zero, and hope through creative inspiration you can reach something close to a zenith. What started with A, has now reached Z.

Writing is a journey with many ebbs and flows, or zigs and zags. On any given day, I believe I've reached a high point only to want to accomplish more or to be sidelined by an obstacle. The best parts are really the zig-zagging, the moments of learning and growing.

I think one of the reasons people quit is because they're afraid they won't be able to get better and better; that they have to come to a zenith of some kind. Conrad Hall

I'll strive for the zenith, but focus on the journey.

Speaking of journeys, it's hard to pick my favorite posts from this month, because each one taught me something. Here are the top five according to page views and comments:

C = Corner of Crazy & Creative
G = Grammar
I = Isn't it Ironic?
K = Kick It or Kiss It
M = Mauling Malapropism

I've so enjoyed the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. A special thanks to the hosts:
Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out,
Alex J. Cavanaugh,
Stephen Tremp at Breakthrough Blogs,
Jenny Pearson at Pearson Report,
Matthew McNish at The QQQE,
Tina Downey at Life is Good,
Jeremy Hawkins at Retro-Zombie,
DL Hammons at Cruising Altitude,
Shannon Lawrence at The Warrior Muse,
Elizabeth Mueller,
Damyanti Biswas at Amlokiblogs,
Karen Gowen at Coming Down the Mountain,
Konstanz Silverbow at No Thought 2 Small

I'll definitely be joining again next year! Will you?


Claire Hennessy said...

Yay! I made it too! It was a hard slog (no planning whatsoever lol) but I would definitely do it again. Just need a break and an 'old person's lie-down'!

D.E. Malone said...

Congratulations for crossing the finish line! I blogged about Zenith, too.

D.E. Malone said...

Congratulations for crossing the finish line! I blogged about Zenith, too.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect word to end on!

Elise Fallson said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge, you did great! I liked the 'kick it or kiss it' post too. And I'll definitely sign up next year for sure.

Jenny said...

From zero to zenith...I like it! Congratulations on finishing the challenge.

Tia Bach said...

Thanks everyone... I've LOVED A to Z. I'm still getting around to appreciate blogs, so I'll be visiting well into May!