April 26, 2012

Writing Wanderlust = W: Blogging from A to Z

I have a strong desire to explore the world through writing and reading. The writing fire is a constant burn within me. Whether I'm working on my latest novel or writing a blog post, I can't imagine a day where words don't bring me happiness. It's my way of figuring out why we are here. Or trying to anyway.

Sometimes this wanderlust is a curse, because writing a novel takes patience and focus. My mind wants to jump around to different topics and tackle new writing challenges. Once I have an idea, I have to force myself to stay with it until the end. To truly savor the journey, I can't be wanting to take another one.

The person susceptible to wanderlust is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation.
Pico Iyer

Writing allows me to give characters troubles I might be facing or contemplating. Through their journey, I can have my own. Blog posts and journal entries also give me tools to answering life's toughest questions.

Do you have wanderlust?

Only 3 days left for A to Z. I can't wait to see what others come up with for X, Y, Z. Check out some amazing bloggers here.

And a special shout-out to my baby girl, Madeleine Elizabeth. She is seven today. I am grateful to call myself her mom and help her on this journey we call life.

That was then
This is now


Elise Fallson said...

My Dad says I have the "wanderlust." Must have gotten it from him. lol. And Joyeux Anniversaire Madeleine! She is beautiful!

Tia Bach said...

So sweet. Love your dad. So glad he hooked us up!!

Fairview said...

I love the quote. Thanks for sharing.

Tia Bach said...

I loved it, too. Thanks for commenting, Fairview.