April 18, 2012

Piddling & Picking = P: Blogging from A to Z

Mom's back, and her P post is inspired by my dad (known to my kids as Papa). A P post by a parent about another parent. Perfect, if I do say so myself.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did. But maybe I have a distorted sense of humor brought about by the author and subject of the post below.


Piddling and Picking

Don’t laugh. Both piddling and picking are an acquired art, according to my husband. From a child, he was called a piddler. If you don’t know what a piddler is, you haven’t met one. Once you have, the definition is clear. It’s a state of being where you aren’t rushing around like a mad fool and not stagnant like a worn out tire. You go about life’s business at a pace that allows you to fondle things on your work bench or examine how sharp the blade is on your edger. It isn’t loafing. It isn’t fixing things either. But it is all about lingering and studying. And considering the manic pace of life today, I might agree piddling is an art form.

But picking? I’m not so sure if the act of picking is art, but the end product if picked well might be somewhat profitable. The TV show American Pickers is my husband’s favorite. In it, Mike and Frank go from town to town and through a lot of people’s barns, houses, stables, and garages to find the perfect pick to bargain on, buy, and resale. Picking is what I call a garage sale except you get dirty, touch rodents, and plow through spider webs. Need I say more?

My husband debates from his recliner, loudly advising Mike and Frank how to be coy or bargain hard. But I’ve been watching him, and I do believe he has a crush on Danielle. She runs Mike’s shop, Antique Archaeology. She’s the gothic, tattoo babe that greets the “boys” when they check in. Personally, I think someone who looked like Vicki Lawrence’s character, Mama, would make a bigger hit. At least she would add some humor to the show. Unfortunately the hubby says attractive women raise viewership. He points out Fox News. Need I say more?

So if you have time on your hands, look on piddling and picking with disdain or as a waste of time, you might want to experiment with it in order to make a clearer judgment. I did. Need I say more?


At our core, aren't writers and all artists piddlers?

We go around observing, taking in details. Granted, I tend to do this at an all-out pace. Maybe I should embrace slowing down and piddling. Heck, I'm all for some picking, too.

The journey from A to Z continues, and tomorrow is Q. Q! Can't wait to see the other participants tackling Q.


Anonymous said...

Well, Danielle is kind of cute and most certainly a sweetheart. Anyway.. yeah, I agree. We piddle around with ideas and bits of dialogue until it becomes something more. That's part of the process.

Tia Bach said...

Yep, Mom got this blog post right. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Ryan!

Eloise said...

Piddling *is* an art form.

I love piddling. I retired to piddle (and to write). But seriously, I see piddling as giving the brain a break, an opportunity to be creative and to relax. I can wander from room to room, small object in hand, looking for the perfect home for said object. It gives immediate creative gratification.

And picking is right up there as well. There is an antique barn near me and those folks know me well. I've picked through boxes and barrels of old tools, magazines from the 'sixties and old glassware. Oh, and I've also bought major pieces of furniture there.

Good post!

Tia Bach said...

Eloise, I'd love to do some more piddling and picking! Glad you enjoyed Mom's post.