April 10, 2012

Isn't it Ironic? = I: Blogging from A to Z

It's like rain on your wedding day.
It's a free ride when you've already paid.
It's the good advice that you just didn't take.
Who would've thought... it figures.
Alanis Morissette

From Wikipedia
It's like a character in the biggest scene
Refusing to do what I need.
It's a plot line that comes to me
When I'm buying groceries.
Of course when I don't have... paper.

It's like replacing something you've lost 
and finding it that very same day.
It's finally having time to write all I want.
And no words will come... whatever.

Or, more specific to A to Z...

It's like finding Elegance during G
and having many ideas for Z during B.
It's the perfect Muse
When we are all in the U's.
A to Z, next time won't you sing with me.

Okay, a poet (or songwriter) I am not. But I do find irony fascinating. Rarely does a day go by without it.

On a more personal note, my husband and I tried for 18 months to have our first child. We didn't worry about getting pregnant again easily. So when she turned one, guess what our gift was? A positive pregnancy test for number two. Isn't it ironic?

We also thought there was a bit of irony in the title of our book, Depression Cookies. I have a sugar addiction, so there's nothing depressing about cookies to me.

From Wikipedia: a situation is often said to be ironic if the actions taken have an effect exactly opposite from what was intended.

However, the more I looked into defining irony, the more confusing the concept became. Some people take their irony very seriously.

Wouldn't it be ironic if I wrote a whole post misusing irony?!


Nick Wilford said...

Well, that song famously misunderstands irony, but I like your take on it! It IS a hard thing to pin down, and when I try to be ironic no one gets it. Your pregnancy story is sweet, though!

Julie Glover said...

I adore irony. And I think you did pretty well with your poem!

Elise Fallson said...

"It's finally having time to write all I want. And no words will come... whatever."
This is totally where I am right now. /:

But irony can be a pretty funny thing sometimes. (:

Unknown said...

Irony is effective in many ways other things are not.

---Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Sharkbytes said...

I love irony, but the definition is indeed, slippery. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

Melissa said...

"It's a plot line that comes to me
When I'm buying groceries.
Of course when I don't have... paper."

Oh, honey. Grab a receipt, your kid's t-shirt, your own arm. Rip open a package, lick a Skittles, and write with THAT if you have to. But for gosh sakes, GET IT DOWN when the muse strikes!!! hahaha =P

Nice post. :)

nutschell said...

love that song you created:) i can imagine Alanis singing it:)
Happy A-Zing!

Fairview said...

great "I" post

Jaleh D said...

Love your poem! I don't bother trying for irony because then it doesn't work, just like me doing humor.

Tia Bach said...

Nick, Yes, Alanis misunderstood but she gave Irony some street cred. ;-) Thanks for your sweet compliment of my story.

Julie, Aw, shucks. Thanks.

Elise, Words aren't busting down my door the last couple of days either. ;-(

Damyanti, I couldn't agree more.

Tia Bach said...

Sharkbytes, So slippery. Good luck visiting all the blogs. I'm trying, but there are SO many!

Melissa, Oh, I find a way. I joke that I get more emails from myself than I do from anyone else. When I'm afraid I'll forget something, I pull out my phone and email myself.

Nutschell, Thanks. You are so kind.

Tia Bach said...

Fairview, Thanks!

Jaleh, I love humor! Irony is best left to its own devices. ;-)

ShaunaKelleyWrites said...

Awesome post and great topic!

MOV said...

great post! found you on the a to z and will definitely be back to read more.

am a follower now (but not in an ultra religious zealot kinda way.....)

hope you have time to take a peek at my blog too. you know, if the Muse is lurking around letter Q and you have nothing better to do.



Jennifer Lane said...

Love the A to Z poem, ha ha! I heard some stupid critic complain that Alanis Morissette didn't have the correct definition of "irony" in her song. I still love it though!

Tia Bach said...

Shauna, Thanks!

MOV, Thanks, and I appreciate the Follow!

Jennifer, I love the song, too. It's been in my head for days now! Thanks for visiting.