April 19, 2012

Questioning Quantity & Quality = Q: Blogging from A to Z

I am constantly questioning. Rarely does a day go by where I don't analyze and try to process a myriad of issues. As a writer, I love questioning... diving deep into my own thoughts and trying to figure out the thoughts of others adds to my character database.

Today, I thought I'd question my readers on some things I've been pondering lately.

First, questioning quantity.

I love blogging, it's exercise for my writing muscles, but I'm always unsure how many posts a week people want. Challenges like A to Z and May's Blogathon inspire me to post daily, but can most readers keep up with that? Do they want to?

Please help me out by answering this poll.

Second, questioning quality.

I love to read, and nothing distracts me more than errors throughout a story. I'm a firm believer in not giving a reader any excuse to disengage from your work. Poor grammar, bad punctuation, awkward sentences... it all distracts me from the story.

But what's acceptable?

I have to admit I'm more critical of traditionally published novels. Those novels get the benefit of an experienced and focused editing department. A few errors in one of those novels comes across as sloppy. However, I understand more errors in independently published books. I'm still picky and those authors aren't off the hook, but it's hard to find a trustworthy professional editor who knows what they are doing.

Are you more lenient about errors in independently published books? Will you put a book down for having too many errors, or can an amazing story hold your attention?


Thanks for helping me today! I hope you'll be back for more fun, R to Z.

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Anonymous said...

As a professional editor, I tend to notice errors more often than most. And I suppose I'm harder on self-published authors than most. It's a competitive market, and if an author really wants to stand out and make a great books that readers will WANT to tell others about, professionalism is essential: editing, proofreading, typesetting, etc. Good question, though!

Elise Fallson said...

If I'm really engrossed in a book, a few errors will not bother me, in fact I may not even notice.lol. But, if I'm having to push through a book, especially in the beginning, errors will make my teeth clench and I'll pull out a pencil and correct it on the spot. (:

Eloise said...

Oh, do I have opinions about this.

First, your blogging schedule - I checked 1-3 times a week, but I would make those days a predictable Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Give yourself a break on the weekend; you have a busy work and family schedule. Maybe try this for a specified period, maybe a month; announce to your readers with a disclaimer at the top to the effect that "I'm posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm trying this for xxx period of time. Let me know your thoughts about my new schedule and if you like it." Then just post on those three days and see how it works out.

Next - quality. Mistakes - usage, punctuation, and grammar errors - drive me up the wall. (This is why I am glad I have you as my editor. 8)) I can understand an occasional error in a quickly written blog post, but not in formally published works. This goes for both independently and traditionally published works. Like you, I am distracted by such errors. They jump out at me. I know I'm guilty myself but I do try my level best to catch all the bad stuff.

My two cents. Great topic and post!

Tia Bach said...

Marcie, I agree. I think it's hard for new authors (especially those not with traditional publishing houses) to know who to trust. I've read horribly edited books where the authors swear they had it professionally edited. I so agree about professionalism. Would love to find out more about your services.

Elise, I agree. I pull out a red pen. It feels more dramatic. ;-)

Eloise, Thanks. Good points. Daily is straining my creative abilities. ;-) Great advice.

Unknown said...

If the story is good, I'll usually read on. It's kind of like watching a great movie with a lead actor I don't like. Story is KING.

Happy A to Z-ing!

Tia Bach said...

Jenn, I agree, story is king. :-) Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting.