April 11, 2012

Jumbled Up Js = J: Blogging from A to Z

As I was trying to focus on a J post, J words begin jumping into my brain. None of them jumpstarted an entire post, so I broke down my J thoughts into categories.

My Favorite J Name
Jacqueline "Jackie"
It's my oldest daughter's name. My husband is one of four boys, so we assumed we'd have a boy. We loved Jack Bach. It sounded so official and important. When we found out we were having a girl, Jackie made sense.

My Favorite J Activity
Jigsaw puzzles
It's my middle daughter's favorite activity, and one of the few things she'll sit down to do.

My Favorite J Saying
"Naked as Jaybird"
Growing up, my dad always said this. When I was young, I asked him why anyone would walk across the street naked. I was confusing this with jaywalking.

My Favorite J Destination
My husband and I honeymooned there in 1995.

My Favorite J Pastime
I think everyone should do it! Even if you are not a writer, it is free therapy and a way to let it all go.

My Favorite J Author
Judy Blume
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret was an important part of my teenage years. I could "ask" questions of Judy Blume that I couldn't ask my parents.

My Favorite J Disney Character
Jasmine (Aladdin)
Our girls named our dog after Jasmine. It quickly became Jazzy (my favorite J dog of course).

A Few Other J Faves
Jello over Jam
Jesus' teachings
Joy, Jubilation (especially Jumping for Joy)
Junie B. Jones (my kids made me put it!)

J Things I Could Do Without
Jelly Beans
Jagermeister (there's a long college story to support this)
Jiggly (when it can't be contained by shapewear)

A J Thing I've Never Done
Jury Duty
I move so much that they've never found me. Of course, now they will.

What's your favorite and least favorite J?


I'm glad you joined the continuing saga of my Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I hope you'll be back for K through Z.

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Unknown said...

Judy Blume is one of my favorite J authors too. Great favorites in all these J categories.

Julie Glover said...

Well, my name is Julie and my husband's name also begins with J...so I can start there. Other J words that strike me: journey, Jesus, jousting, jovial, jack-in-the-box, Johann Sebastian Bach (hey, how about that one?), jaguar (car or animal), justice, and jungle. Nicely put, Tia.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

So what did your dad mean by naked as a jaybird then?


A to Z co-host<br

Tia Bach said...

Carrie, Judy Blume rocks! I've only read her teen books, but one of these days, I need to embrace the fact that I'm an adult and try her other ones. ;-)

Julie, So glad my favorite J blogger/commenter stopped by! And yes, how could I forget Bach?

Elizabeth, No clue what he meant. I even looked it up online, and the origin is murky (actually most sites couldn't come up with anything at all). Birds aren't naked...

CLR said...

May have to borrow this idea of a 'J' list...I am behind...trying desperately to catch up...and am 'foggy' with no words in the brain to get going.

Great site!
Happy A-Z

Tia Bach said...

Carrie, Hope the words are flowing now and the fog has lifted. ;-) Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.