July 27, 2015

Meet Some UtopYA2015 Lovelies (Unofficial)

Last year, I featured some of the amazing people I finally met in person at UtopYA 2014 (see post here). This year, I promised myself I would meet more people and put myself out there. And I did.

Starting Wednesday, July 29, I will feature the following interviews from some of the amazing people I met this year.

The schedule:

July 29 -- Snowa Fox
July 31 -- Mindy Ruiz
Aug. 7 -- Ethan Gregory
Aug. 12 -- PM Hernandez
Aug. 14 -- Eva Pohler
Aug. 19 -- Morgan Wylie
Aug. 21 -- Laura Howard
Aug. 26 -- CJ Pinard
Aug. 28 -- Ashley Bodette
Sept. 4 -- Christina Marie
Sept. 9 -- Desiree Williams
Sept. 11 -- Misty Provencher
Sept. 16 -- ER Arroyo
Sept. 18 -- Ginny Gallagher
Sept. 23 -- Michelle Miller
Sept. 25 -- Kristen Bauer
Sept. 30 -- Delphina Henley
Oct. 2 -- Felicia Tatum
Oct. 9 -- Kelly Martin
Oct. 14 -- Tricia Copeland

And don't forget to buy your tickets to the 2016 Utopia conference here. Tickets sell out fast, and you don't want to miss it. This year's theme is #fightforyourwrite. For more details on this year's theme, go here

Here's the pretty new banner...

As interviews go live, I'll update this post with links. Please stop by and find out about these amazing Utopians. 

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Jo Michaels said...

Love it! I can't wait to read these interviews :)