July 25, 2015

The Debut Collective

This year at the end of Utopia--during open mic--many attendees expressed an interest in writing their first novel. Or, maybe it was even their first time declaring they wanted to be a writer. Many left pumped up to publish by the 2016 conference.

To that end, several Utopians came up with a plan--The Debut Collective. It'll be a five-book series of short stories focusing on the #fightforyourwrite theme of Utopia 2016 which will debut at the conference next year. 

Victoria Faye and Colleen Nye Shunk are heading up the project with the help of Shantele Summa Martin as the fearless leader of this amazing group. Crystal Bryant is leading the editing team (of which I'll be a part), and Elizabeth Kirke is leading up the formatting. Finally, Victoria will also be making the logo, branding, and heading up the cover designs.

In addition to first time authors, these anthologies will include previously published authors. The five categories/books:

1. Act of Bravery
2. The Underdogs
3. Insurrection / Hostile Takeover

4. Secret Identity
5. Love against all odds

I chose #3 because it's not my usual genre. I'm so excited.

Over the next several months, I'll share more information about this exciting series.

* Note: this is a project inspired by Utopia and featuring many Utopia authors and attendees. However, it is not an official Utopia-affiliated project.

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Jo Michaels said...

I SO wish I would've had time to get in on this one. :(

Best of luck, and I'll share, share, share :)