July 29, 2015

Meet Some UtopYA2015 Lovelies (Unofficial) : Snowa Fox

Please welcome my next guest in the Meet Some UtopYA2016 Lovelies (Unofficial) series. Snowa was a beautiful new find at this year’s UtopYA. I got the chance to talk to her several times (she won one of our IndieBooks Gone Wild giveaways). She’s lovely. I’ll never forget her sweet hug after I talked about how UtopYA has enriched my life.

Thanks so much for hanging out on my blog today. I love this selfie of us together, and I am not a selfie wizard by any means.

SF: Thank you for having me. I enjoyed my first UtopYA  so much and winning the giveaway was amazing, but meeting all the people was incredible! I highly recommend attending if you love books or writing in any form. 

Your first book, Crown of Smoke (The Angel Marked Series #1) just released in time for UtopYA2015. I just downloaded it and can’t wait to read it. Can you share the synopsis, book cover, and a fun teaser graphic here?

I love the idea of a dream guardian. How did this story idea come to you?

SF: I wanted to write the story of someone who was a hero, a prince, and instead of winning and gaining his future I wanted to see what would happen to one who lost it all, who had to resurrect a life they wanted from the ashes of a life of duty, privilege and honor. Would he be the same, would he rise above, would he fail?  I also love dream catchers and the idea that someone protects us while we sleep. I had many dreams about this story and it evolved as I did.

When can we expect the next book in the series?
SF: hopefully late October or early November

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

SF: When I was little, I always had my nose in a book and my head on an adventure. I won a young author award in fifth grade and became hooked on writing.

What’s your best advice to someone who’s struggling to finish their first book or suffering writer’s block?

SF: Try making lists of all the things that could change for a character: top ten things that could get worse, or what if you add an element that twists the story into a tale of horror, or tragedy, or romance. Just let your mind flow with it for a bit, to get into adventure mode. Finish the book. Decide early on how you want the story to end and have three options. Then make your way toward them and do not force it, let it jump out at you.

That's awesome advice. What is your favorite inspirational quote? Why?

SF: Fairy tales do not all end happily, the ones that do contained a lot of struggle to get there. It grounds me in life and in writing, that there is no correct version, life holds as much sorrow as it does happiness and stories should too.

What do you think makes UtopYA, renamed Utopia for its fifth year in 2016, so special?

SF: This was my first year, but the love, support and friendships drive this conference beyond any other. I believe the momentum will overflow with the fifth year theme and help many more who are searching or struggling.

Please share with us one of your favorite pictures from UtopYA2015...

SF: I loved meeting Jo Michaels because her blog and her help have motivated me to read and do all I can to continually learn my craft so that my dream can come true!

Everyone loves Jo! She's awesome. Now for some...

 Quick Answers 

Last Movie you saw: Jurassic World 

Comedy, Romance, Drama, or Horror? Drama 
Last book you read: KillShot by Aria Michaels, currently reading Fractured Glass and The Moon-crossed Series 
First job: pet store, I love animals 
Gift cards or cash? Gifts cards 
Favorite Vacation Spot: a beach anywhere or a cabin in the mountains

More About Snowa

Mythology enthusiast and Reece's Pieces lover, Indie Author Snowa Fox is a native of Nashville, TN. She is happily married to a sweetheart of a guy who supports her dreams. She is the mother to  four pre-teen children and one furry baby named Harley who is a chihuahua and min-pin mix. She loves unique jewelry, painting, iced coffee and anything fantasy related.

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Jo Michaels said...

I love the idea of having three possible endings! What an amazing piece of advice :) Adored meeting Snowa, and I had a moment when I saw her photo and her awesome words. Great interview, ladies! WRITE ON!