October 15, 2014

When Not to Force the Muse: ROW80

Thanks to some GI issues lately, I will have a colonoscopy tomorrow. Fun stuff for a blog post, right?

Today is prep day. Thanks to weeks of GI upset, I've been relegated to pretty much eating chicken broth, grits, rice, and other bland foods. It's making for quite a cranky girl.

Guess what I've discovered during this process? I don't function well on an empty or hurting stomach. I'm hoping whatever they find will set me on a better path.

For now, I'm writing and keeping up with my one-hour-a-day rule. Yesterday, I scrapped everything I'd written the day before (the food fog took over from the Muse and left me with unusable material). Today, I'm not even going to attempt to write. Maybe not even tomorrow, depending on how I feel after. I need a fresh brain and calm stomach.

Do you ever feel like you force the writing, ending up with words you simply delete? 

Sometimes, I think I should walk away from the computer and admit it's not a writing day rather than force it. But, then I wonder if it's better to write anything to keep up the habit. In Stephen King's On Writing, he said he writes every day, come Hell or high water. Hmmmm.

I've been kicking butt on editing and knocking out other action list items. So, it's been a productive week so far. My goal is to still finish Chasing Forgiveness by 10/31 and to participate in NaNoWriMo to get book three written. So that's my A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) update for mid-week.


For fun, I have to share a picture of my oldest daughter from this weekend. It's from her freshman Homecoming dance. She's growing up too fast. *sniff, sniff*


Martha Reynolds said...

Wishing you all the best with the 'procedure,' Tia. Been there, and it's true, the prep is the worst.

I have had days of no writing. Sometimes it's just not there, and I let go. That's when I read! But for some, everyday writing is a must.


Jo Michaels said...

Up to you when you write, honey. But I think some kind of writerly activity isn't out of the question. Plotting, editing, etc...

Make sense?

Take care of YOU!