October 6, 2014

Meet Some #UtopYA2014 Lovelies (Unoffical): Krystal Wade

Another day and another awesome guest from utopYA. Krystal Wade has been a longtime visitor to my blog and always had kindness to share. So, I was thrilled to run into her at check in and give her a big hug.

With Krystal at Awards Night
Thanks for hanging out with me today, Krystal.

K: I should be thanking you! Seriously love you. <3

Ah, love you, too. And I loved Shattered Secrets (check out my review here) and LOVED Charming (which released TODAY, 10/6). Actually, my review of Charming will go live tomorrow, 10/7, on my review site.

Your website states: I love books that are an escape from reality. We live reality daily. Why read about it? I must say… Amen, sister! When did you realize writing escapism fiction was part of your reality?

K: Well, even though I’m fairly certain my third grade self realized it, unfortunately my adult self didn’t realize my love of escapism fiction until 2011. And I have to admit, Charming is based in the real world, with real world problems and characters. So, whatever. I just like making crap up. I’ll go with that.

Another character's reality is still often an escape from our own, though. Can you share a teaser from the upcoming Charming?

K: I totally can! I can actually share two. That doesn’t mean you have to give both of them to your readers. You can totally hold back whichever is your favorite and then sing na-na-na-na-boo-boo until they beg you for more!

Exhibit A (because I’m a dork!): 

Christine lit up another joint, then offered it to Haley.

“You ever going to learn?”

“Are you?”

They fell silent, staring at the ceiling and occasionally frowning at nothing, both drowning in their misery. They spent so many nights like this, alone and silent yet comfortable, both carrying a weight many adults couldn’t possibly shoulder.

Christine’s house provided safety, safety that allowed Haley to let her guard down, so she closed her eyes.

“Either your phone is buzzing, or you’ve got something in your pants you haven’t told your best friend about. I know it’s been ages since you and Niles… uh—”

“Shut up.” Shaking her head, Haley pulled the cell from her back pocket and read the message from Joce: Dad’s looking 4u. Ur late again?

“Christine! I swear your pot is going to get me killed. It’s 12:30!”

Haley made it across the street in record time, palms sweating, and found Dad waiting just inside the door, open bottle of beer in his death grip.

Exhibit B (occurs immediately after Exhibit A; the dork thing hasn’t changed): 

“Not an ounce of respect in that body of yours. Not an ounce of it.” Dad paced his favorite spot on the worn hardwood, stopping only to take a swig, sweat forming a ring around the collar of his grimy t-shirt and rolling down his temples. “How could they yell at me? My wife used to run the place, run it! And you”—Dad said, nailing Haley to the wall with his glare—“You treat me the same way.”

He pitched the bottle at Haley, but she darted to the side and it hit the front door instead, glass shattering everywhere. That wouldn’t do. Not tonight. She saw truth in the ferocious gleam in his eyes, in that all too familiar sneer curling his upper lip. Tonight, he’d hit her. 

“Don’t you roll your eyes at me, young lady.”


Dad slapped her before she could say another word, before she could beg or plead or stand up and demand he rewind time and look again. She did not roll her eyes. He grabbed his hips, shoulders squared, then looked smugly down at her as she cowered by the door, palm cupped over her cheekbone. “Clean it up. Now.”

Okay, now I'm looking forward to reading it even more! 

I wanted to share a great picture of you from UtopYA

Krystal, Amy Evans, Tennessee Titan player & Delphina Myers
So, you have an interesting way of commuting in DC traffic which involves picking up hitchhikers. Do you ever pick up any interesting characters who make their way into one of your books?

K: Someone’s been stalking me! So creepy, Tia. Yes, I commute 50 miles, one way, into DC every day. Commuters have come up with a system where we park in the commuter lots, stand in lines (slug lines), and wait for cars to drive by and state their location. If we’re going to the same place, we’ll get in the car, ride the HOV and laugh at the suckers in the main lanes, then get dropped off at, say, the Pentagon. Drivers like me get to work faster. Riders get a free ride and also get to work faster. I have met SEVERAL weird people. I’ve actually been planning a book called The Adventures of Slugging for a long time, though I doubt I’ll ever actually write it. That book would include Stinky Guy, Abortion Lady, Loud Mouth, Mr. Adjusts Himself Constantly, Oh-Shit Handle Dude, and Mr. Clickity-Clack (I think that was his name). As far as having them in any of my current books? No, though I’ve used some dialogue from one of my regular riders. He’s always saying the best one-liners.

A source for great one-liners is a gift! I'm so excited that we'll be working together at Indie Books Gone Wild (IBGW). I’m so excited! You’ve joined our team as a proofreader. What advice would you give to Indie authors to help make their manuscripts as error-free as possible?

K: Well, there’s no better lesson in editing than the one you receive during your first-ever professional edit. Pay attention to it. Don’t just hurry through your MS and accept all the changes. Go through it. Let it make you angry, embarrassed, flustered, whatever. Just question everything. Research the problem. Understand why it’s a problem. Once you “get it”, you never un-get it. Your first drafts will be beautiful and sparkly, and you’ll cart around more confidence. Then the only thing you have to worry about is the story. And that’s the fun part.

That's great advice. Grammar is a process of learning, for sure! You chase chickens and children during your non-hitchhiker commute time. Which are easier to get to do your bidding, the chickens or the children?

K: Chickens, by far. Hold out a handful of mealworms, and they’ll follow you wherever you go. Children? I can’t seem to bribe them with anything.

I know, right? Okay, a little more seriously, what inspires you?

K: Everything. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I truly try to soak up life, look at the world around me, inhale deeply, watch people interact, smile at the clouds as they soar across the sky, stand in the woods surrounding my house and listen to the trees, feel the emotion of music and let it fill me. The world is a beautiful place, full of flaws and atrocious people and things that make me worry, but also filled with wonders not enough people stop to appreciate. So, if I need a spark in my imagination, I’ll find a quiet place to just sit outside and let the world inspire me. (To be sure, that means no talking from the kiddos, definitely have to be away from the dogs and chickens, the man must cook his own dinner and do his own laundry, and I have to pretend that the bills will pay themselves. I mean, REALITY!)

I love that answer, and I think it's so true. Finally, what do you think makes utopYA so unique and powerful (loved your UtopYA14 post here)?

K: I’ve been to several writing events over the years, but UtopYA is the only one I’ve attended that celebrates authors, bloggers, and every day readers all at once. UtopYA doesn’t put preference out there for Big 5 authors, or Indie Authors. Everyone is equal. Everyone is happy. Everyone is celebrated!

Quick Questions…

Favorite Punctuation Mark: COMMMMMMMAAAAAAA! Because everyone misuses it!
Ocean or Mountains? Depends on the time of the year.
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Moscato Wine
Favorite Dessert: Anything that begins or ends with chocolate.
Shower or bath? Shower
Sweet or Sour? Sour

I LOVE Moscato. It's dessert in a glass. I can't wait to see you again in Nashville next June! 

Krystal is pretty darned interesting. Check out her full bio here. While you are on her website, check out her other novels. Then, connect with her at the following:


Please come back for more #UtopYA2014 Lovelies (Unofficial), and check out the announcement post to see the schedule.

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