June 4, 2013

One of a Kind Amazing: WordCount Blogathon, Day 4

Day 4 of the WordCount Blogathon.

My second book just came out in paperback a couple of weeks ago. Some great 5-star reviews are pouring in, and I'll be sharing them soon. 

When I added my novel to GoodReads, I marked it as read. Up popped the star rating and "write a review" request.

I hovered over the stars.

My thoughts...

1) Of course I'd give my own book 5 stars.
2) Does anyone really want to see an author's 5-star rating?

I am so proud of Chasing Memories, but I know I'm not objective--it would be like asking parents to rate their children. Oh wait, that might not be a great example, because on any given day my rating might change on that one. Especially if the rating was based on behavior, listening skills, or independence.

So I'm wondering, should an author rate their own book?

It doesn't help that star ratings are so subjective.

First, they mean different things on different sites. On Amazon, a 3-star rating means "It's OK" while a 4-star rating means "I Like It." However, on GoodReads, a 3-star rating is "Liked It" and a 4-star rating means "Really Liked It." 

So, if I like a book, would I give it a 3-star rating on GoodReads and a 4-star on Amazon?

And shouldn't there be a "one of a kind amazing" for those books that defy the star system? 

If such a rating existed, what book(s) would you nominate? 

For me, the first would be The Book Thief. I'm looking forward to seeing what others would say. Every single suggestion will be added to my TBR list. Because, who doesn't want to read a "one of a kind amazing" book?

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Jo Michaels said...

I never rate my own books. I think it's a ridiculous thing to do. Of course we'd give them all five stars! Duh! But a book I'd nominate for one of a kind amazing would be Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. It was a very emotional read. If I could've given it ten stars, I would've. WRITE ON!