June 5, 2013

5 Favorite Apps: WordCount Blogathon, Day 5

Today is the first theme day for the WordCount Blogathon. From Michelle Rafter's website:

June 5 - Theme Day #1. Participants are encouraged to write on the same theme: My 5 favorite apps. The post could be about apps you use for writing — or keeping yourself away from distractions while writing — smartphone apps, or plugins or widgets that you use to run your blog.

First, I must confess that I usually have to hand my phone or iPad to one of my daughters (yes, including the 8 year old) to make it do what I want. That being said, I have a few apps that I use almost every day.

Although I own a Kindle, I have the Kindle app on both my iPhone and iPad. Basically, they are my backups for when I forget to charge my Kindle and I'm sitting at a two-hour sports practice with nothing to do. It's happened more times than I care to admit. 

Voice Memos
When an idea strikes, I want to record it. But I don't type very fast on either my iPad or iPhone, so I will record what I'm thinking and go home and type it up.

If I didn't have my phone constantly dinging me with where I need to be, I would be roaming around the world wondering where I should be going. You know the feeling--you walk into the kitchen and stand there because you have forgotten why you went in there.

Scramble With Friends
Totally for distraction. I only play word games, and sometimes I need to step away from writing, motherhood, work, editing, whatever. Plus, Scramble is interactive. I play it with my word-loving friends. 

Networked Blogs
Since the prompt mentioned plug-ins, I love this one. It ties my blog posts to my Facebook account and shares my posts when they go live. I was having trouble getting the images to show up correctly on Facebook when I manually entered my posts via a link. Now they show up and I don't have to remember to go to Facebook and do it. Win-win!

I am looking forward to reading everyone's posts today on this subject. I'm sure there are some great apps out there, especially for a technology-challenged writer like myself.

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Jo Michaels said...

OMG you should totally check out Bookworm. It's an amazingly fun little game that'll have you giggling at the worm's antics and punching the air when you get a 14 letter word :) I haven't played SWF in a long time. Used to love it. Your apps are about the same as mine, but I LOVE Evernote for syncing my work across devices. No matter where I am, I have the note. I think it also does video and voice files. :) WRITE ON!