June 25, 2013

Nook No More?

Barnes & Noble reported today that Nook sales fell 34% in the last quarter (source). Since eBook sales now comprise roughly 23%* of the publishing market according to this article., this decline seems like bleak news for the retailer.  

Where does this leave the Nook?

There is no clear answer. Rumors started that Microsoft, already an almost 18% owner, would purchase the Nook brand. But then several articles I pulled up announced that B&N was simply stepping aside to let Amazon and Apple duke it out.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in the coming months. I am a Kindle owner (first generation), and I have Kindle apps on my iPad and iPhone. Although I still love the feel of a paperback, I think eReaders are here to stay--as are eBooks.

In the spirit of competition and reader choice, I do not want to see Nook go away. So let's hope that whatever happens is what's best for writers and readers alike.

Please share your thoughts about this news. I'd particularly love to hear from some Nook users.

* This number does not clearly state how much indie published eBooks count in the total, or if they do at all.

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Jo Michaels said...

My sister just got a nook. I'm almost positive she'll be responsible for boosting sales by at least twenty percent ;) I don't know the future of the nook, but Apple holds an unprecedented 95% or more of the tablet market. Most readers use apps from there. I'm waiting to see if they disable the apps in the hopes it will boost sales of the other devices... My brain works differently LOL! WRITE ON!