January 16, 2013

Soul Searching: ROW80 Update

2013 is already shaping up to be an interesting year. I blame turning 40 in August. I feel like I'm over-evaluating everything. Throw in an illness and a wonderfully exhausting girls' trip, and there have already been a lot of opportunities for introspection this year.

Good things have come from this, but it's also left me struggling with the day-to-day like blogging. 

The beauty and serenity of Breckenridge
January will be the month of soul searching. I have been going at an unsustainable pace for way too long. In some ways it feels like a failure to say that. In others, it feels like a much-needed admission and release.

Sixteen days into 2013, and I have...

- Finished an editing project that was on my desk since September. I met with my client in Colorado while I was there. It's so nice to be part of the process that encourages authors to do the work necessary to make their book even better. It brings me great joy!

- Finished and mailed edit #2 of a young adult (maybe new adult??) paranormal book. Love. This. Book. When the author is ready for me to share more about it, I will!

- Started editing my NaNo novel, Chasing Memories

- Read 3 books, 2 are awaiting reviews on Mom in Love with Fiction

What I need to accomplish before the end of January...
(which I know I can do thanks to the support of my amazing A Round of Words in 80 Days, ROW80, friends!)

- Finish the 2nd edit on a lovely literary fiction novel, Borrowed Things. It is wonderful, and I can't wait to see what this author can do with it. I will shout it from the rooftops when it's ready to come out.

- Finish a chapter of Depression Cookies (by this weekend actually, it's overdue) 
Note: Good thing Mom, my co-author, has been understanding about her daughter's illness! 

- Re-establish a normal blogging schedule. 
To do this, I need to get my creative side stimulated. Any good suggestions for finding blog post ideas? Good online writing magazines, resources for writing prompts, anything?

- Re-establish an online presence. 

Advice Request: What have people found to be the most effective tool for managing social media time? Do you limit your time or the number of places you visit on a given day? Help! I miss my social media contacts, but I let it get out of hand.

- Start notes for Chasing Memories Book 2. It's in my head, and I want to keep the momentum from NaNo.

- Post reviews for Iduna's Apples plus three more (two still need to be read).

So those are my goals from 1/16 through 1/31. I want it to be attainable, yet productive. Hope everyone else is finding their 2013 groove.


Candice.Abraham said...

Sorry to hear of your illness, Tia, and I do hope you're feeling better. Also, I think knowing when you've taken on too much is a great step in making progress — as counterproductive as it may seem (as you say).

That being said I'm really in awe of how much you've accomplished in your first 16 days of 2013 and what you have in store. Amazing stuff!

And lastly, I just want to say how much I love the name Tia! I've loved it ever since I watched Escape to Witch Mountain. I haven't read the novel yet, but it's on my list!

Elise Fallson said...

You have already done so much since the start of the new year that I feel soooo far behind, lol! Blogging takes up a lot of time and everyone has down times when we just can't fit in the social networking. But what's great about it is you can always jump back in when life eases up on you. I know Jan and Feb are going to be crazy for me and then I'll simmer down in March. Then it'll be A-Z in April. (: As far as managing social media time, I can't say I have a set number of sites I'll visit. But I do keep an eye on the clock and manage my time that way...and I use the term "manage" loosely, lol!

alberta ross said...

I loved being 40 - best decade for me by far:) - you have certainly acheived a great deal this year already even being ill.

I am limiting time on social media to 5 days a week but I normally spend about 30 mins in morning flicking through e-mails- whats come through while I have been asleep - sending off my Triberr comitments (I have arranged facebook into groups so friends, ROW80 friends, authors and writers etc so can flick through quicker and follow up on conversations easier - I nip back in during the day if I have been following conversation or put out a request, just to check those out-
I go back in for another 30 mins just before I go to bed.

I suppose it amounts to just over an hour a day most days but of course stuff gets in way and some days i am not there at all because life down here intervenes!! I don't fret too much about it tho' as long as I manage couple of days a week. Don't forget I am retired with no dependents. I do find the groups useful tho' 'cos when short of time I can nip in and out of those I particully want to keep tabs on:)

Kat Morrisey said...

You've gotten so much done in the first couple weeks of 2013! Go You!!

Soul searching is good. I did this and made a plan for 2013 so I didn't feel like I was swirling around the drain (as I did in 2012. What a mess 2012 was...) Whatever you do, take your time and do what's right for you. We'll be here, to cheer you on as you go!

As for blog ideas...hmm maybe do a weekly book review? I review a bunch on goodreads, I use the 'blog this review' feature. (Just started this actually. Helps me avoid having to stress about what to blog about.) I also blog about music. Sometimes I'll find a song or artist I like and post some official vids up. (I used to do this regularly. I need to get back to that.) Or a TV show/movie review? I know those aren't the most exciting ideas...I also have trouble figuring out what to blog about. Sorry they aren't more interesting!

Anyways, good luck and have a great rest of the week!

Jo Michaels said...

First off, congratulations on getting so much done! WOW. Social media has been a fine line to walk for me. I don't share a lot on FB because I buffer all my posts there (bufferapp.com). I usually don't spend more than 30 minutes a day on SM and none on the weekends. If you've noticed, you post on a Saturday or Sunday and it's a few days before I get around to comment. I'd rather be writing. :)

I did a post on how to come up with blog ideas. You can find it here: http://jomichaels.blogspot.com/2013/01/blog-topics-where-do-they-come-from.html

I hope that helps. WRITE ON!

Eden Mabee said...

I can't speak from too much experience her save to say that the biggest time drain I have found is social media. Not that I don't like participating, but that I realize only after hours are passed how little I've actually accomplished on my writing or anything else.

That said, I have found that sprints of any kind actually help keep me on track. My husband made me a little "few lines of code" timer program that just pops up a window and makes my speakers ding for me after any set period of time I choose. I use it for writing, for blogging, for Twitter... Pretty much anything. and along with this I allow myself to choose from a small selection of "stuff to get done" things to do before I start the timer.

It's not ideal, but it helps. It feels empowering to choose my direction, and to remind myself of the direction I wish to take, and it allows me to reassess without feeling trapped or at a loss.

Glad to hear you are feeling better, Tia. You're still getting a lot done.

(Also, maybe just adjusting your blogging schedule to a four day week might help. Shorter blog posts? Check out ROWer Kim Switzer's Musecraft for some creativity ideas?)

Anonymous said...

I think its great you've read three books already. I lost my KindleFire. Today we do a thorough house cleaning and I hope to find it as I downloaded a tom of books over the holidays.

And might I suggest moving your FRIENDS toward the top of your side bar? It would make it easier for visitors to see and click.

Tia Bach said...

Candice, Thanks for stopping by. I wish I could take more credit for Tia, but it really is an honor that goes to my parents. I've always loved having a unique name, I must admit!

Elise, I love A to Z. I need to start thinking about it. I also need to look at the time better. I should go back to using a timer. I found it effective before. Hugs.

Alberta, I love the idea of having a more scheduled time when I look at things. Glad you stopped by, and love that you loved your 40s!

Jo, Thanks for the link. I look forward to visiting it!

Eden, Love Kim! She has helped me before by getting to focus on small chunks of time/to dos. I need to get back to that. Love the idea of "Dinging" reminders, too.

Stephen, Hope you found the KindleFire! Not sure what you mean about Friend (are you talking about Google Friend Connect?). Let me know. Thanks.

Julie Glover said...

I agree with Alberta: Love my 40s! But I did do a bit of soul-searching around my birthday and focused better as a result.

As to social media, I've taken blogging down to twice a week to keep my writing time intact, and I check Facebook twice a day (morning and evening) usually. Twitter is a whole other ballgame. I just go on when I feel like saying something or getting a social break.