January 9, 2013

And Then it Was Wednesday: ROW80 Update

Sunday to Wednesday always flies, but Monday to Wednesday... crazy. I was skipping through some to-dos today, when my daughter mentioned that it was Wednesday. Still, it took until now (6:30pm) to realize that meant a ROW80 update. EEK!

For those who read my Monday post about Round One goals (see here), I am feeling much better. Good thing, since I head to Colorado tomorrow.

So, I'll make this short and sweet.

A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) Update

The following goals were for the week of 1/7/2013 (so need to be finished by Sunday, 1/13):

  • Write 500 words minimum on my Depression Cookies follow-up.--Not yet, but I have several more days. Wish me luck!
  • Edit a combined two hours on Chasing Memories, my NaNo novel--Already done an hour, so another hour by Sunday should be a piece of cake. Wait, was I dumb enough to say that out loud?!
  • Finish an editing assignment due 1/10/13.--DONE! Yeah!
  • Finish Iduna's Apples by the lovely Jennifer Willis (the sequel to Valhallareviewed here), and read at least two more books, since I have travel time to fill.--Books packed and 3/4 of the way through on Iduna's Apples. It's a good one!
So far, I'm really liking the weekly goals. I don't feel overwhelmed.

Hope everyone is rocking the goals! 

I have to share a really sweet picture. My daughter so loves to read that she had me set up a candlelight reading area last night when our power went out for three hours. She said she couldn't go that long without reading. Call me inspired.

And, just in case anyone is wondering, the book: Reached by Ally Condie.


Jo Michaels said...

It's just awesome your daughter loves to read. Mine does, too! I wish my boys were more into books and reading; but, alas, they aren't. It's video games and sports for them.

I'm sure you'll hit your very modest goals this week. Mine are always overkill :)


Lynnette Conroy said...

Hi Tia! It's been a while since I popped over with a comment, but I'm back for another round. I love the little reading nook for the power failure...much cozier than the miners headlamp I wear!!

Stephsco said...

The reason candles exist! To read by candlelight, of course. How sweet.

Misha Gerrick said...

I think it's great that your daughter loves reading that much.

Good luck with your goals!

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

Tia - Sorry it took me so long to get here to visit - I thought I had, already!

I love reading by candlelight, although it's harder for me now than when I was young.

Both of our kids are really into reading,too. Annalise, at 8.5, never had a reading lesson, and, over the past few months, has gone from an emerging reader to an adept and voracious one.

One of my favorite memories was the ice storm a few years back. Our power was out for over 2 days. We'd been in the middle of reading Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and so we spent lovely hours snuggled together in the Papasan chair (we could all fit at once, back then - not now!), reading by candlelight for as long as my voice would hold out.

It seemed like the perfect way to read a pioneer book, and we were a little sad when the power came back!

Your goals seem very attainable, and you are moving along!