May 28, 2012

A Picture of Words: Blogathon Theme Day

Another Blogathon theme day...

Our fearless leader, Michelle Rafter, suggested everyone post a Wordle graphic today. I've cheated a bit, because I find Tagxedo a much easier to use.


I used my blog address to load words into the graphic. Clearly, I talk a lot about writing, books, my Mom, depression (but only in relation to my novel, Depression Cookies, so don't worry), blogging, ROW (as in A Round of Words in 80 Days), and words.

And how perfect that "Blogathon" ended up front and center.

Hope all my Blogathon buddies are doing well, and enjoying the holiday weekend.

I want to take a minute to acknowledge everyone in the military and a special thank you to all the ones who gave their lives so that we here in the United States could know freedom and opportunity.

Another graphic...

What words were highlighted in your graphic?


Carolina said...

Thanks for the tip of Tagxedo! Much easier to use than Wordle. Yeah! Check out my creation at

Tia Bach said...

I love Tagxedo. SO much easier to use than Wordle. Thanks for the shout out on your lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

Very Cool! I will have to check out Tagxedo, I like that they form actual shapes!

Tia Bach said...

The Magical Miss, Love, love, love Tagxedo!