May 11, 2012

5 Ws of My Writing

Writing is my passion. It always has been. I can't pinpoint an exact moment when I knew it. I just knew.

One of my daughters came home with an assignment to analyze a subject with the 5 Ws. My brain started firing. How would I analyze my writing with that criteria?

5 Ws of My Writing

Who: Female Teenagers
One, I'm female. Two, I was a teenager. No matter how much my daughters might argue, it wasn't that long ago. My teenage voice and my adult voice really aren't that different. The teenage me has grown, but she will take over at the oddest times. Some good. Some bad.

I love writing teenagers. They have so much room for growth, they crave knowledge and understanding, they often trust the wrong people in their search, and they are equal parts child and adult. With each passing year, more of the child-like side is relinquished to the budding adult.

Also, and no insult to men, I find women better character studies--their emotions and outlooks more complex.

What: Novels, Short Stories, Blog Posts, Journal Entries...
Heck, I like writing to-do lists. I can smell the fresh scent of a writing assignment as soon as my kids walk in from school. They look at me sheepishly and consider running, but I ask for the assignment. They love brainstorming with me, but they fear my red pen. I wield it responsibly, but use it often.

When: Whenever I Can
But I find I write best first thing, before other things can overtake and clutter my mind. I love Twitter word sprints (where Twitter friends set a time to write, everyone checks in on Twitter, and they check in with the number of words they've written). They keep me focused, and I have built in support and encouragement.

Where: In Quiet Places
I've recently discovered I write better when I leave my house. Starbucks is my new best friend, and I hate coffee. Otherwise, I'll write at home. I take my laptop to different rooms in the house just to mix it up. I do stay out of my girls' rooms for fear the need to clean would strangle the life out of my muse.

Why: Because I Must
It seems a cop-out answer, I know. But I can't imagine a day without writing. If I couldn't write to process life, I'd have to talk a lot more. Quite frankly, I'd like to stay married, so I think I'll stick with writing.

Why do you do what you do?
(That question looks humorous to me, but it's exactly what I want to ask.)


Unknown said...

Why: Because I must.

So very true.

patti said...

I love your 5 Ws they are very much like my own - I am working on a YA novel and I love doing it. There is never enough time in the day, but I can always manage to squeeze it in between my job, my teen and caring for my mom - it keeps me sane. Thanks for sharing

Danielle said...

I love to write first thing in the morning, too. Typically that's when I work on my novel, but the blogathon has me writing posts these days first thing. I've tried writing at Starbucks, but it can be pretty noisy sometimes, so that doesn't always work out. I do agree, though, that it's important to mix it up. I can't always write in my office. I, too, move to different rooms in the house to feel newly inspired.

Tia Bach said...

Melissa, I know. I honestly tried to come up with a more eloquent answer, but this said it all.

Patti, I love YA. Looking forward to finding out more about yours.

Danielle, Writing a lot of blog posts throws my writing time off too.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I always appreciate it!