May 18, 2012

No Dirty Dishes Day Sparks Wishes for More Special Days

Yes, another wonderful special holiday. I've said it time and time again, I would like to be on the committee to choose these special holidays.

No Dirty Dishes Day is a great idea! Clearly this means my family must go out to eat for dinner. For breakfast, it's a Pop Tart and juice box (can't mess up any dishes), lunch will be at school, and finally dinner out. And Mama's choice, of course. I'm pretty sure I read that in the rules.

I hereby put the following dates out there for consideration:

Command the Muses Day
This day would be November 1 to correspond with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). All writers could command the muse to stay front and center for the month. This day would be dedicated to wine, to summon the Muse. Other arts could make their own Command the Muses Day consistent with big art shows, etc.

No Whine Day
This is the Mom side of me taking over. I think I need this daily, but that wouldn't qualify. So I'm thinking the first of every month. This would give me a day to recuperate from the previous month's whining. No need to be a parent to participate, I'm sure everybody knows a person who whines.

"Yes, Mom/Dad" Day
The perfect accompaniment to No Whine Day, but let's spread the love and have this be December 14. Just close enough to the holiday gift giving season to give the kids a REAL reason to follow along.

Politicians Must Get Along Day
Any day. If we could get the idea to stick, who knows what wonderful strides we could make in this country. This is probably asking for too much, so I will settle for My Kids Get Along Day.

Finally, my husband offerred...

No Talking Day
This was after a particularly long story from our seven-year-old daughter, but I have a feeling he thinks men with no children will benefit as well. My guess is that he'd pick Feburary 13, so that the men were in a better mood for Valentine's Day the next day.

What day would you add to the calendar? Sky's the limit!


Julie Glover said...

I have a friend who has offered up Naked Day. Before concluding that she is a nudist or exhibitionist, she was merely suggesting ONE day in which her family did not add to the laundry pile, giving her time to catch up and feel good about finishing the task before another load appeared.

As a mother of boys, I would love to have No Body Noises Day. As a writer, I love that Command the Muses Day. And with those politicians, I'd just accept No Name-Calling Day.

Great stuff, Tia! Loved it.

mom2blmgn said...

No picking fights with your sisters & brothers day. It never fails at least once per day one of my kids picks a fight with another sibling just for the fun of it... therefore driving mom and dad batty!

Another day, pick up your own laundry and put it in the hamper day! I think this is self explanatory - right now my husband has his shorts and tee shirt on my bathroom floor, and my 16yr old daughter has her skirt & tank top next to dads clothes! Mother is NOT a maid!!


bookworm said...

1. Everything Chocolate Day 2. Give Yourself Permission to Insist on Just Lazing Around with No Responsibility Day 3. No Political Programs Permitted on the TV Day (love my husband dearly but he drives me CRAZY listening to political talk shows. He's even been known to doze off to C-SPAN!)

Tia Bach said...

Love all your suggestions and appreciate each of you stopping by.

Alana, I have to go with Everything Chocolate Day as my favorite, as long as calories didn't count that day!