March 18, 2012

Will to Write: ROW80 and #writemotivation Updates

I don't need to be encouraged to write, but I do need to be encouraged to write consistently. I worry sometimes that I conditioned myself to write a novel in ten years (that's how long Depression Cookies took from idea to publication). When the desire to write hit, I went with it.

Mom and I want to publish our Depression Cookies follow up by the end of the year. Yesterday I particpated in the Lucky 7 Meme and posted a teaser (only 7 lines) of our WIP. Check it out here.

I copied and pasted the sneak peak directly from our manuscript and proceeded to edit it for an hour. No lie. Then I edited the whole chapter. Couldn't help myself.

Have you seen the commercial below where the guy is beating himself up so he won't touch the temperature on his thermostat? That's how I feel everytime I go near my WIP.

Because Mom and I exchange chapters, I always read my last chapter and hers before I start writing. It's so hard not to edit, but it takes up such valuable time. Going forward, I'm going to take notes of things I fear I'll forget (a new character, a plot point I want to address), so I can avoid going back and reading.

To meet our end-of-year deadline, I'm going to have to write. All the editing in the world won't get me to the finish.

Which is why I'm grateful for my writing community. They keep me motivated and feeling accountable.


First, A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80). Round 1 finishes up this week, and I want to rock it to the finish. My goal is to write a chapter before the final Round 1 update on Wednesday.

ROW80 Update

Writing: Lots of time, little words. But that's all about to change. I will write a chapter by Wednesday. To meet that goal, I plan to hit a #teamsprinty #row80 wordsprint.

Editing: Not on my WIP, but I am in the final editing phases of a poetry collection and then back to some short story editing and a paranormal piece I've fallen in love with. I can't wait to see that one published!

Social Media: Back to a solid B performance on social media. If I haven't caught up with you, I will.

Reading: Just finishing up one and hope to finish two more this week.

Diet & Exercise: When the sugar train rolls in, it doesn't like to leave. Damn that Hot sign at the Krispy Kreme tonight. I'll give myself a D on Diet and a B on Exercise. Hope to do better this week.

I'm rooting for my fellow ROW80 participants. Rock it to the end! And congratulations to Kait Nolan. Even though Divergent came out on top, Red did amazingly well. So proud of you! (Kait's Red was in the running for DABWAHA - a play on the NCAA tournament: "64 books. 1 champion.")


Like ROW80, #writemotivation supports writers. This is my first time joining K.T. Hanna's challenge. From her site: Please remember: This isn’t a competition – it’s about setting yourself realistic goals and having people who understand where you’re coming from cheer you along. The only competition is with yourself.

My #writemotivation Update

1. Work on my WIP for an hour every day, except Sunday.
I worked on my WIP, planning and editing, but did take off both Saturday and Sunday.

2. Do client editing work an hour a day, except Sunday.
Again, I took off both Saturday and Sunday. I was feeling, well, overcooked. I needed to step away for the weekend. I'm looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.

3. Read and review a book every 10 days, minimum.
Finished a book today, but need to write the review (due to be posted Thursday, 3/22). I hope to read two more books this week.

I'm looking forward to getting around to some #writemotivation blogs this week.


K.T. Hanna said...

I maintain you're doing really well. Not to mention.

I think you're right too - the writing community is a huge boost. It's really helped me develop consistency. And I think you're doing great with your own.

Goals help - so do cheering squads :D

Wendy Jane said...

I bet you can tackle that chapter, no problem. #Teamsprinty can be such a good push on sloth days. I think the end of the round is standing in front of me and I need to get in gear and accomplish something with this story!

Keep up the great work, and see you at the word sprint!

Jenny Hansen said...

Tia, I understand completely!! Blogging has helped me to keep a consistent writing schedule but I still have to beat myself bloody some days to get me near my manuscript. Keep going!!!

Eloise said...

My Automatic Editor takes over. I now find myself editing everything I read. EVERYthing. Writing does that to you. But that's ok - makes me a more critical reader.

You have a lot on your plate and cheering squads do help. Thanks for the WIP snip - looking forward to the book.

Natalie Hartford said...

Oh my...I near died watching that commercial. Riot. But not so funny if that's how you feel every time you go near the WIP. Girl, yes definitely need to turn off the editing and just that you'll get to the editing when it's time. Although I can imagine how hard it is - I am THE EXACT same way. LOL!! Gotta find a way to turn off our nit picky selves and just be creative...let me know how you master it! LOL!!!

Julie Glover said...

Consistency is such a challenge! I'm not really good on schedules and routines to begin with. I think a lot of writers aren't; we're creative types who like to fly by the seat of our pants! But you can't do that all the time and get a book to publication. Best wishes finding more time to write! Enjoyed the snippet from your WIP.

Jenn said...

Yay, #writemotivation! Hope you meet your goals. And all of us writers can relate. Sometimes craziness ensues that cannot help but divert focus. But in the end we always refocus and get back to the work.

I have to get on that 7 Meme challenge myself! Argh. I'm such a bad Campaigner!

Tia Bach said...

K.T., I love the cheerleading, it keeps me focused on the goals I've set.

Wendy Jane, I plan to join #teamsprinty at 2pm. Yeah!

Jenny, Thanks! I want to zone and write, and save editing for later. Easier said than done.

Eloise, I agree. I just wish I could turn it off when I want to let the words flow. Editing tends to stop that flow.

Natalie, The first time I saw that commercial, all I could think about was trying not to edit. ;-)

Julie, There's definitely a need to balance the editor side of me and the writer side. But some days, I just want to see words pile up.

Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by. I'm so behind in the blog universe, especially with #writemotivation and campaigner visits. I hope to catch up soon.

I truly appreciate all of you stopping by!