March 31, 2012

Sorry for the Silence, I See Only Letters

Sorry I missed posting yesterday (and almost today). I'm still here, but I'm dreaming in letters. My mind is constantly swirling with post ideas for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. It starts Sunday, April 1. As of now, I've only prewritten five posts of the 26 I need to write.

Did I mention I'm leaving for Spring Break tomorrow for five days?!

But, I thought I'd share my from A to Z theme. Ready? Wait for it...

Simply Succeeding

Are all the posts about succeeding? No.

Do the posts explore what is successful or not about a particular topic? No.

Simply succeeding just means I'd like to finish this challenge, pure and simple. Finally Finishing word have worked, or maybe even Ambitiously Achieving.

Please stop by starting Sunday, April 1 to see what my obsessed brain comes up with. A barely coherent damsel expects finishing goal happily in jubilant knowledge like many new, observant participants.

And, no, I will not admit how long it took me to come up with that sentence, and it's only A-P. I was going to go for a sentence with letters beginning all the way through Z but I do need to eventually sleep.

Happy Friday!


Sarah Tokeley said...

Well, you got further with that sentence than I would have! Have a great break, and see you when you get back :-)

Eloise said...

Spring break?? Take me! As long as no airport scanners are involved (metal plate in broken wrist) I should be no problem. Particularly since I'm doped up on pain meds - I'm terribly agreeable these days 8).

Have a great time. Good sentence, that A thru J.

Tia Bach said...

Sarah, Maybe before the end I'll attempt the rest, all the way to Z. :-)

Eloise, We are in AZ, and Mom and Dad joined us. Should be fun, but I am very thankful for hotel internet!