March 16, 2012

Don't Procrastinate: Everything is Right Today!

Today, and today only, everything you do is right. Yes, you heard me correctly. Today only, March 16, you enjoy the grand privileges of Everything You Do is Right Day. Every. Single. Thing.

I don't want you to waste much more time reading this post, because I want you to embrace all the things you are afraid of doing. No fear today.

"They" (and I've never understood who they are) wouldn't name a day without careful consideration.

If the fear of being wrong was gone, as it is today, what would you do?


Write, write, write. The worry of writing the next best novel goes out the window today. All will be right when I write. No editing worries. Perfection.

Talk to my teenager. I do this everyday, but I do it cautiously. Even though I'm normally right in this case anyway, knowing I'll be right will make it all the better. As long as she doesn't know that she's right too, we should be okay.

Or, maybe we could just drop the "right" and have a pleasant conversation. Now, there's a concept.

Write my Congressman. Not so much to tell them I'm right, but to ask them to put aside politics and do what is right. Follow their hearts and true opinions versus doing what they think will buy them a future in government or pay back those they owe.

Talk sports. I love sports, always have, but men tend to have an opinion on women who "think" they know sports. Today, I would chat them all up without the fear I'd get one word wrong and prove them right. Speaking of sports, I'm ALL about March Madness. I'm a University of Kentucky graduate. Go CATS!

Cook. I'm not the worst cook ever, but I'd use this day to be a better cook and, more importantly, to get my family to agree on one meal.

Pick an amazing outfit. My style is non-existent. I have my kids' styles down much better than my own. Today, I would walk into a store and buy that perfect outfit. I'm sure there are no budgets on Everything You Do is Right Day!

I'm sure there are more, but I need to put this day to good use!


Christine said...

I would write. Sit down and really "write" - I hardly ever do that anymore so when I do make an attempt, I just can't get the words out right.

I'd find a way to have a more open (on both sides) conversation with my oldest daughter. So much needs to be said.

bookworm said...

First, I would make my voice heard in the flood recovery my area is undergoing. My solutions would all be the right ones! Second, I would dust off a novel I started as a 10 year old - it would be a guaranteed best seller! (and then I would make all the right decisions about investing the money from it wisely). Third, I would make all the right decisions about my future, about future eldercare issues I face, and future planning for my developmentally disabled brother in law. Next, I would plan and put in my seed order. No wrong choices! And finally - I would choose and buy that perfect outfit. What perfect taste I have today. (I did buy some underwear if only I had waited until I read your blog)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Tia, this post is so unbelievably encouraging. I'm reading blogs because I'm procrastinating on my WIP--not wanting to write because I'm afraid I'm getting it all wrong.

So I'll get back to it--because everything is right today!

BTW. I let my teenager think she is right. All the time. :)

Tia Bach said...

Christine, I know, writing without fear would be perfect. And I too want open conversations. Thanks for stopping by!

Alana, Great ones. We need to go shopping together. ;-)

Linda, So that's the trick to teenagers. ;-)

We should all spend some time writing on right day.

Hildred Billings said...

"Today only, March 16, "

aaaw we're already halfway into the 17th here =(

Oh well. Wasn't a bad day anyway. Survived the full day of work and that's all one can really ask for, ha.

Sue Ann Bowling said...

I'm going too see a live musical, something I rarely get to do here in Alaska. It's a matinee and sunset has finally gotten late enough I can see to drive!

Tia Bach said...

Hildred, So sorry. I should have posted this one much earlier so people could take full advantage. ;-)

Sue Ann, Sounds like some stuff went right for sure.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It always makes my day brighter!

Armi Niemi said...

Thank You for this very encouraging post, Tia! I will write my tomorrow's blog post without fear :)

Tia Bach said...

Armi, A great way to live day to day. We just need to get rid of fear every day. So much easier said than done, though.

Thanks for stopping by!