March 28, 2012

The Cost of an Inch Versus A Mile

Why is it some people are never satisfied? You give them an inch, they request a foot, you give another few inches, they request a mile.

I'm always taken aback by people like this. Except in rare causes, usually involving my children, I don't push back on people when they've already given me something. Especially people I know don't have great affection for me or don't know me at all.

But maybe I have it wrong. More than my husband or children give me credit for, I'm usually willing to explore the possibility that my thinking is all screwed up. Will you only get things in this world if you scrape, claw, and beg?

Maybe, but I'm not sure I'd be satisfied with things I manipulated my way into. Still, that could be the fault in my character I like to call guilt.

Take my book, Depression Cookies. I want people to read it. I truly think women of all ages and circumstances could find value in it. Beyond that, the themes in the book are excellent for opening up a dialogue between women. But I don't want to beg.

I want to convince you, sure. Moments of shamless self-promotion--not the easiest for me, but I'm learning. Begging? No.

My theory: If I beg you, you might eventually give in. But do I want an unwilling, pressured reader? Buying my book out of guilt, pressure, or pure annoyance is not going to win me any rave reviews. I want people to WANT to read it.

At the end of the day, I'd rather have an honest, well-earned inch than begging for a mile.

But that's just my opinion, what's yours?


Margo Kelly said...

I want people to WANT to read my book. ... not "just" read it.



Have a great weekend!

Eloise said...

I so agree.

I don't want a readership (or "buyership") that purchases something because I am a friend, a friend of a friend, etc. etc. That, to me, is nothing short of patronizing. I would sense that it was false.

There are too many beggars and scrapers these days. I refuse to be one of them. Reasonable self-promotion - marketing - is necessary. For me, that's hard enough. But I refuse to make a doormat of myself. And let's face it - stuff people get pushed into buying may up the sales stats, but usually ends up in the trash.

I'll take the golden inch, and forgo the shoddy mile.

Unknown said...

I try not to promote too much for the simple fact I find it annoying for other authors to do so. Of course, my definition of "too much" vs someone else's might be entirely different.

PS - And I totally agree with Margo in that I want people to WANT to read my book. And, if they really like it, please tell someone!

Sarah Tokeley said...

So much, this! I want to know about the books my friends have coming out, and I want to support them. But I won't read something I'm not interested in. What am I going to say to them afterwards?

Tia Bach said...

Margo Kelly, Thanks for stopping by. I so agree about WANT. I know readers need information about my book to want to read it, but it's hard to know when you are overstepping.

Eloise, I wish I would have said it that well. Golden inch vs. shoddy mile! Perfect!

Melissa, The BEST marketing it word of mouth from people who've read your books, I so agree. I just want to find the appropriate and non annoying way to get my book in the hands of the right people.

Tia Bach said...

Sarah, Excellent point. I will read any genre and give any story a chance because I've found some great ones that way.

But I always fear not liking a book from someone I've gotten to know in "online writer land."