April 14, 2013

Should Authors Worry About Trends? = ROW80 Update

Keeping it short and sweet today. 

Although I'm loving the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year, the posts and social media commitment have taken a lot out of me. Oh, and did I mention I'm knee-deep in getting my second book ready?

My second book, a YA paranormal, is coming along nicely. I'm quite proud of it, especially since I wasn't so sure I had a second book in me. I hoped, but I wasn't sure.

But now I'm starting to worry... is YA paranormal heading the way of leg warmers and heavily-hairsprayed hair? Did I miss a boat that has now sailed?

I did not set out to write a paranormal book. Instead, I wanted to write a book about a young adult struggling with changes in her life after a devastating event. My muse took it paranormal. 

Now, I'm prepping to publish a book into a very crowded and competitive marketplace. Maybe because I read so many genres, never lingering too long on any particular one, but I never have issues with genre-burnout. I wonder if other readers feel the same. Or, do they read whatever is hot and then move onto the next hot thing?

Do trends matter? Should an author consider what is hot when they write?

My A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) Update...

Busy, busy, busy.

I'm neck-deep in preparations for a cross-country move. The sign is in the yard, although I'm surprised it's still standing since my daughter took a bat to it. But, I'm determined to get Chasing Memories out in the midst of craziness.

  • Publish Chasing Memories -- Edit #3 is done and back in the hands of my Editor, the lovely Jo Michaels. Cover is done! My daughter squealed when she saw it. Really squealed.
  • Survive the A to Z Blog Challenge -- Only done through O, so I plan to get through at least Q tomorrow.
  • Map out the sequel to Chasing Memories - Excited to work more on this. The ideas are coming at me fast and furious.
  • Make significant progress on the follow-up to Depression Cookies - DCII is on hold right now for many reasons. I am not ready to walk away from this character, but my life is overflowing.
Hope all my ROW80 buddies are rocking their goals!


Elise Fallson said...

I worry about this too. But I also think if you have a good story (and I think you do) (: then it will do well regardless if the market is saturated.

Kate said...

Sometimes I think there's too much focus on trends. I want to read GOOD books and although there are genres I enjoy more than others, a good recommendation means more to me than the genre the book falls into.

Unknown said...

Write whatever your muse is channeling - Genre be damned!

Tia Bach said...

Elise - I knew you'd appreciate my concerns, but I agree about good story.

Kate - Such a great point. I agree about a good recommendation. I'm a total genre-jumper.

Samantha - That should be a quote spread throughout the writer world. :-)

Beth Camp said...

Wonderful progress -- in spite of major changes. May your transition go smoothly! Re trends, I agree writers worry about this (I should laugh, as I write historical fiction, a shrinking genre). But the story that moves you will appeal to others. The level of your ambition may tie in here as well. Do you want to write a blockbuster? I'm hoping for readers who will care about my stories. Or maybe we're all just hoping for readers! Make it another good week!

Kim Switzer said...

I believe in writing something you would want to read. There are trends, yes, but even when a trend wanes there are still plenty of people interested in it. So follow your muse, write what you enjoy, and let others worry about trends and sailed ships.

Eden "Kymele" Mabee said...

Certain types of books never grow stale. Good books always find readers, and books written about experiences (whether in a fantastical form or not) that we all can relate to emotionally will always find readers too.

As for trends... You may have hit the end of the "trend", but you're writing something that you feel passionate about, and that's all that matters.

(Oh, and in response to your wonderful comment on my blog... I know what you mean about laptops. My advice... if you're having trouble with the actual machine breaking down and not Windows software, get a Toshiba [still shop around!], because Apple products are very invasive and very limited. If you have software issues AND hardware issues and just don't "connect" with computers, then go for a Mac. And if you want, send me an email or a FB message when you're ready for shopping... I might be able to help you pick out the kind of machine that works best for you.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think there are waves of popularity with certain genres. But once introduced, I'm not sure any of them go the way of the dinosaur. For instance, they may not be big now, but people still write westerns. And I'd read a great western. I just want a great story--whatever genre it's in.

Best wishes with your goals and the move!

Jo Michaels said...

If you were psychic and could tell what the next great genre would be, would you write a book to fit into it? When you did that, would you feel just a little bit like a sellout?

Writers write because we're in love with words. We can't be in it for the money because that's an exercise in futility. If you publish a book you're proud of, you'll feel accomplished. You've reached your goal. You'll be leaving one hell of a legacy for your children.

I'm so happy your daughter squealed :)


bookworm said...

Keep with what you feel you should be writing! That is what people told me when I fussed over writing a "chicken memoir", not knowing that everyone nowadays seems to be writing chicken memoirs. (In other words, I am writing my memoir for Camp NaNoWriMo, concentrating on when I moved from New York City, ended up in Arkansas, lived out in the country and owned chickens.) At least you aren't writing a chicken memoir so you aren't competing with me.

Tia Bach said...

Thanks to each of you for your words of encouragement!!