August 18, 2014

Bad Poetry Day

In the spirit of honoring all the made up holidays and special days in any given year, I am going to write a poem.

My mom is a published poet, as is my cousin, Marty Silverthorne. As much as I love to write, I am not drawn to writing poetry. It takes a special gift.

Good thing today is Bad Poetry Day.

Which means it's time for poets like me to shine. Yeah, baby!

Ode to Social Media

When I feel like giving up
When the words won't come
There's a friendly bunch on Facebook

When I can't find inspiration
When I don't know which way to turn
There's a friendly bunch on Twitter

When a day is leaning toward the sad
When there's not a friend around
There's friendly comments on my blog

When time is crunched
When deadlines are looming
Pics of hot half-dressed guys light up Facebook

When I should be writing
When I should be reading
The coolest people have something to say on Twitter

On other days, whether good or bad
There's always someone willing to share
On all of Social Media

I can't walk away
Too many friends there now
But it's like chocolate
I need to learn my limits

Feel free to take up the bad poetry challenge and share a stanza in the comments. Really, isn't the point to try and use words to express our feelings? 

Is there even such a thing as bad poetry if it's honest and real?

1 comment:

Jo Michaels said...

Oh my...

I have no words ;)

KIDDING! That was actually pretty good.

Maybe you are a poet and don't know it.

Lookie there, I am, too. haha! Not.