April 25, 2012

When Will I Learn? = ROW80 Check In

What is it about knowing what will work that causes me to do the opposite? I know eating too much sugar makes me bloated and yucky, yet I crave it. I know I have to write to accumulate words, yet I let anything and everything distract me from it. Yes, let. As much as I'd like to pretend otherwise, it's a choice. A choice I make way too much these days.

It's so much easier to blame distractions (phone rings; email, FB, and Twitter announcements flash on my phone; stomach growls; kids come home; and on and on) than to focus.

Today, I forced myself to do a #ROW80 #teamsprinty word sprint. Yes, I must use the word forced. I tried a thousand times during the day to talk myself out of it, although I wasn't totally conscious of doing so. "I have so much to do," kept taking over my thoughts.

In the first thirty minutes of the sprint, I had 208 words. They came out slowly and painfully. I was set to give up, but I couldn't go out with a 208 thirty-minute check in. I may be pig-headed, but I'm no quitter. The second half whizzed by, and I had 822 more words to show for it. And, guess what? I kept writing for thirty minutes and added 671 words. An hour and a half of focus resulted in 1,701 words.

I've learned this lesson before, so back to my title... when will I learn? Why do I fight what I know to be true? I do this with more things than writing, and it's starting to tick me off. I'm going to be 40 in August, and it's high time I learn a lesson and log it permanently into my brain. Learning a lesson the first time is hard enough!

Wish me luck!

My ROW80 Update

Writing: See above. Now to make 2-3pm part of my magic writing time at least 3x a week. That's now part of my goals.

Blogging: A to Z is still cruising along (although it's also been one of my excuses not to work on the WIP). Since Sunday: Tripping over Transitions = T, Undone and Unsettled = U (thanks, Mom!), and Veracity = V.

Editing: I have signed on to be a beta reader for the first time. I'll include that here, because I don't know that I can differentiate between beta reading and editing. Can someone enlighten me? I can't help but to correct and offer suggestions. But, as a beta reader versus a hired editor, should I only give generalized impressions?

Social Media: I'm catching up, but refusing to let it be my excuse for not getting other things done.

Reading: Still going strong. I finished another book Monday, and reviewed it. Finally wrote my Ape House review for tomorrow (on Mom in Love with Fiction).

Exercise: Running is becoming a way of life for me, thanks to some wonderful running partners. I never thought I'd say that. Ever. I'm quite proud of myself. Sugar, however, loves to present itself as a reward. Still working on conquering that.

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Lauren Garafalo said...

OMG, blogger ate my comment!

Aww, Tia, don't be so hard on yourself. Well do, but don't...know what I mean. I'm glad to see you've added the sprints to your goals. It really helps to have that hour devoted specifically to writing...and with company! I have to admit, I never intended to do these past nano, but it helped me and everyone else so much that I couldn't stop!

Such a good question about editing vs. beta reading. I have wondered the same thing. If someone enlightens you, do share!!

And so many congrats on sticking with running! That is something that is way too easy to make excuses not to do and you're not, so three cheers for you!! Have a great rest of the week :D

Dahnya Och said...

Re: Beta reader versus editor - I think you have it right. Editors make very exact comments about what needs to change, while beta readers are a first (or second) impression on general content, flow, characters, etc.

I've never been either though, so I might just be blowing smoke.

Great job with the running! I wish I had some understanding and willing running partners... perhaps that will be a goal for me for the next round of ROW80!

Tia Bach said...

Lauren, I hate when Blogger does that. Thanks for reposting! I'll definitely share re: beta vs. editor. Thanks for your encouraging comments and for #teamsprinty encouragement!

Dahnya, Thanks. We'll see. As I learn, I'll share. A running partner really helps me. Solo running isn't my thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm slow to start at times. I write so little the first ten to twenty minutes, and then I pick up speed.

When I beta read I can't help but edit a little, but not too much since I'm focused on the flow of the story.

Tia Bach said...

Medeia, SO true. It's like running... I fight it, try to talk myself out of it, because I know it's hard, especially at the start.

Thanks for the beta reading tip!

Julie Glover said...

I join the #row80 word sprints as often as I can. I have found the same results. If I can devote an hour to writing, I can get real traction. Then I don't stop writing until I finish the scene, so I usually end up with more.

I got 10k words last week, with many of them coming from word sprints! (Results not typical.)

Tia Bach said...

Julie, Wow. *bows* 10K!! Awesome. I hope you continue to have those atypical weeks!