April 8, 2012

Family & Writing Time: ROW80 Check In

Happy Easter! I've enjoyed several days of family time, and I'm ready to focus on writing and other projects. (I shouldn't get too amped up, though, since my girls are home tomorrow.)

This past week was spring break, and we were in Arizona with my mom and dad until late Thursday night.

Bachs and Mom & Dad in Sedona, Arizona
My 11-year-old (12 next month!) daughter read my book, Depression Cookies, over break. She also read Melissa Luznicky Garrett's The Spirit Keeper. She asked if she could review both, to be like her Mom. I was touched and had such a great time helping her with her review of The Spirit Keeper here. Next up is my book. She's already told me she liked it, so I'm not too nervous.

I hope everyone was surrounded by loved ones this Easter!

My ROW80 Update

Writing: I'm shocked. I thought I'd have nothing to report with kids, vacations, holiday preparations, etc, but I did manage two hours of writing Friday and Saturday. I'm almost at two hours today as well. Some of that was blog writing, but I also worked on my WIP. *fist pump*

Editing: Back to editing tomorrow. I was on an editing vacation, although I did work on a piece that was "in production" and couldn't wait. Tomorrow I'm back to the nonfiction book I've come to love. Should be the final edit. I can't wait to see it in book form!

Blogging: Blogging from A to Z has been a fun challenge. It's my first time. In the last few days I've written my Eulogy, talked about Fantasy & Flights of Fancy, and highlighted Grammar. Tomorrow I'm tackling the Harrowing Headaches of Writing. Fun!

Social Media: SCORE! I was under two hours a day. Flip Side: I'm SO far behind on visiting ROW80 and A to Z blogs. I'll be catching up this week, gradually.

Reading: I'm reading Sara Gruen's Ape House for my book club, and I'm about 50 pages from finishing. A great read so far. I also finished Lamott's Bird by Bird.

Exercise: Lots of walking and even squeezed in a five mile run yesterday! I'm going to leave it at that (notice I didn't mention food. Come on, it was Easter!).

For more information on ROW80, please visit A Round of Words in 80 Days.


Anonymous said...

Surprising how much we get done, even when we don't think we have. That darn ROW80 manages to push us along quite well.

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

Hi, Tia -

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Jim and I had our first date in Sedona, and, as a matter of fact, Annalise's middle name is Sedona.

So your picture made me smile. Thank you! =D

It sounds like you are renewed and ready for the challenge.....

I have gotten behind on reading blogs, too - I am writing and reading a lot!

I will be by to see you again soon!

Kat said...

Looks like you've made great progress with your goals so far. The same thing happened to me as I counted up my hours of writing for yesterday's check in post. I hadn't realized how much I'd written, and given how crazy my schedule has been, it was definitely a pleasant surprise! :) Good luck this week!!

Julie Glover said...

You had a great writing week and a family vacation. What a great way to kick off ROW80!

So thrilled about your daughter reading your book. (I haven't let my sons read mine yet.)

Robin M said...

Great picture of the family. My folks live in Arizona and hopefully during one of our visits we'll get up to Sedona. Have yet to make it. Sounds like you did great. I loved Bird by Bird. Lamot's writing is wonderful. So sweet your daughter wants to write review of your book. Look forward to reading it. Have a great week!

Tia Bach said...

Ravens, I love ROW80 motivation! Fire to my butt. ;-)

Shan, LOVED Sedona. It was my first time. I need a day just to catch up on blogs.

Kat, I love good surprises. ;-)

Julie, Thanks!

Robin, I loved Bird by Bird as well. I, too, can't wait to read my daughter's review. I don't want to push it (or bias it) by rushing her. ;-)

Thanks for all the support. ROW80 rocks!