April 24, 2012

Undone & Unsettled = U: Blogging from A to Z

One of my biggest blessings is my relationship with my mother. I hope my daughters feel the same way about me someday.

Today, please welcome Mom. She's guest posting for U day in Blogging from A to Z, and please come back to finish the journey V through Z. Only five more days of A to Z fun!

But, for now, please enjoy Mom's call to action.


Undone and Unsettled
I like these words. For years I fought both, never wanting to seem vulnerable or weak. Today, I find them freeing and revolutionary. I want to be undone and unsettled. I want to feel undone and unsettled. Not in the case of a health crisis, a bounced check, or relationship problems. I want to be undone and unsettled from the ordinary, mundane day-to-day experiences.

Maybe I won’t get Flynn Ryder coming through my bedroom window, but maybe, just maybe, I will push the limits and strive to see today in a way I’ve never seen it before. To experience something so intentionally that it becomes a cherished memory.

What does this mean? Undone? Unsettled? It is a new mantra to empower us, move us to initiate newness and boldness in our lives. A lot of people start every New Year off with a list of resolutions to pump-up and prepare themselves for more . . . move more, eat less, live a healthier lifestyle . . . yadda, yadda, yadda. How long did it last for you this year? It is April, you know.

So why not forget all that foolishness. Get undone and unsettled. Now I didn’t say overdone and overdue, I said undone and unsettled. It’s bold, and it’s courageous. Every day for a month push yourself to do something outrageously female. Eat a dish of creamy, decadent pasta and follow it with spumoni. Indulge in a second glass of wine. Take a friend or a lover with you and laugh out loud and unabashed. Savor each mouthful as if it was pure gold and you are worth every dime of it.
It’s so much more tantalizing to be uninhibited. Make eye contact with the person at the table next to you and smile like you’re Sophia Loren, shove those breasts up high and round. Forget the belly. Only wimpy women care what’s below the table’s edge.

That could be day one.
For day two through thirty, dream up idiotic, fun, exploratory things. You don’t have to sign it, kiss it, or live with it. It’s just for the day! And for fun, share one brazen, hussy thing to tantalize us with. I can’t wait to hear from you!


Julie Glover said...

Oh my goodness! I think we gals have a new mantra - "undone and unsettled." :)

Tia Bach said...

Julie, Right? I figure since we are usually undone and unsettled, we might as well embrace it. Do I hvae the coolest mom or what?! ;-)

Jaleh D said...

I love that! It's a modern version of seize the day, but with more kick and includes indulgences. :D

Tia Bach said...

Jaleh, Thanks. I love it, too. Embrace the feelings!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

LOL--what if you're a man? How funny it would look for him to throw his shoulders back! ;)

I usually step out of my comfort zone to make a new friend.

A to Z co-host

Eleni Poulakou said...

I love it how people become less uptight with age!

Tia Bach said...

Elizabeth, I guess men should puff up their chests. ;-)

Eleni, That's definitely my mom. She was not this free-spirited when she was raising me. But I love seeing this side of her.