January 31, 2012

January's Greatest Hits

Really, it can't be the last day of January. Crazy! 2012 has started off with a bang, and I think I might have preferred more of a whimper.

This month I joined two challenges, the Ultimate Blog Challenge and BlogHer's January NaBloPoMo. Both required daily posting. I'm exhausted, but also really proud of some of my posts this month.

According to page views, the following were our most popular posts in January:

* Art of No
* You Had Me at Goodbye: Movies I Should Have Quit
* On Stephen King
* Our New Baby

January Highlights

We reached our 300th post this month, and two January posts (On Stephen King and Art of No) were featured on BlogHer.

I'm looking forward to posting in February and starting my Month of Letters challenge. Please consider joining me in writing a letter a day in February (only on postal days, so Sundays off!).

Hope everyone had a lovely January. February, here we come...


Eloise said...

Congrats! Great effort. I imagine you have a cramped hand, or sore fingers!

Tia Bach said...

Eloise, Thanks! A cramped brain is more like it. ;-)