January 3, 2012

In the Mighty Words of King: ROW 80 Goals

I barely know what to do with myself on Wednesdays and Sundays when A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) takes a break. Luckily, it’s time to start again. ROW80 is the “writing challenge that knows you have a life.” But it doesn't mean life gets to be an excuse.

And my apologies… this post is a day late, but for good reason. Yesterday I hosted my fellow ROW80 writer, Elizabeth Ann West, here. She talked about resolutions and gave away copies of her book. If you missed it, check out the post. It’s a tour, so you can still get copies on other stops.

I recently finished reading Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. I will post a detailed review soon. For now, I want to share how he influenced me:

Good Writers Read. I’ve always believed this, but King drove home the point. To that end, I have upped my reading goals as defined below.

Write Every Day. King says he writes every day except Christmas and his birthday, but quickly admits the truth. He writes even then. I admire this kind of work ethic. He reminded me that the words may suck, but you have to get them down.

He also convinced me to finally succumb and read one of his books. I received 11/22/63: A Novel for Christmas, so it will be my first King.

I’m also committed to growing my freelance work, both in writing and editing, and writing frequent blog posts here and on my Mom in Love with Fiction blog.

Did I mention I’m a ROW80 sponsor? This is my second sponsor gig in a row. I love it. It’s another way to meet some wonderful writers and learn, learn, learn.

But let’s get to it, the meat of the matter.


Writing – I will write 500 words minimum daily. Thanks Stephen King and Kait Nolan. This is my “test mile” as Kait so eloquently explained here. If I get 500 words and nothing’s falling into place, I still have 500 words and I tried. I’m hoping for more, but I want to write daily and stick to it, so I’m starting small.

Blogging – Daily here (thanks to BlogHer’sNaBloPoMo and the Ultimate Blog Challenge) and three times a week at Mom inLove with Fiction. This writing will not count toward my 500 goal, but I do think it’s beneficial. I also owe Kait Nolan a ROW80 sponsor post this week!

Reading – I’m committed to more reading, because I know it makes me a better writer. To that end, I have joined the 2012 To BeRead (TBR) Pile Challenge, and I plan to join a couple more before the end of January. I’m still weighing my options, but I’ll be posting updates by Sunday’s check in. Plus, in addition to reviewing for Rebecca’s Reads, I’ll also be a part of the WoMen’s Literary Café Review Team.

Editing – I will edit a minimum of one chapter a day on various projects. I am doing freelance editing, and I need to stay on top of it. I love to edit, but it sometimes hampers my own writing (editing too much instead of letting the words flow). Maybe by focusing daily on editing other people’s work, I’ll shake the need to edit my own… for now.

Exercise – Daily, some form. It’s New Year’s resolution time after all. And sugar, you’ve wormed your way back into my diet… good-bye!

Finally, my ultimate goal… lean in close and don’t tell too many people… we will publish our follow up to Depression Cookies this year. Notice will, not want to. And now that I’ve told you, you’ll keep me honest. Right?

Wishing you all the best on your goals. Let’s kick it in 2012!

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Shan Jeniah Burton said...

It sounds like you're prepared to have some FUN! =D

Unknown said...

That's quite the list of goals, but I know you can accomplish them!

Juliana said...

Long but exciting list!
I'm sure you're going to kick this round's butt!
Good luck!

L.S. Engler said...

I'm glad I'm not to the only one who feels a little bit at a loss when it comes to non-RoW Sundays and Wednesdays! And I adore King's nonfiction; the guy is so smart and inspiring, even if I feel his fiction is a little hit and miss. I need to pick up On Writing...

Your goals look awesome! Best of luck with them. It looks like you've got a great way to start the new year!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks everyone! I'm excited to get moving this year. I have a can-do attitude, so let's hope it lasts! Life has a sneaky way of testing goals, so we'll see.

Wishing you all the best with your own 2012 goals.

Yolanda Early said...

Yay Tia! There is your inaugural cheer for the awesomeness to come.

Em said...

Great goals and that Stephen King book sounds great! I hear about it so often I can't believe I still haven't read it, maybe it should be added into my goals!

Have a great week!

MommaSachs said...

What a great way to challenge yourself! I love a good challenge. It will def bring you much joy and make you a better writer. I've challenged myself to read 30 autobiographies / biographies / memoirs before I turn 30 on Dec 20th.

Tia Bach said...

Reading all your supportive comments is like a breath of fresh air. So glad ROW80 is back!

Looking forward to getting around to your goal posts.

Happy New Year!

Kim Switzer said...

Awesome! This is an exciting bunch of goals you've put together. Good luck with it all, and see you at the next check-in!

Bridgette Booth said...

I have not read King's writing book even though I know it is considered one of the best. I'll have to move it to higher spot on my TBR list.

Agree with you on the test mile too. I began doing the 750words.com daily check-in and have been pleasantly surprised at how useful it is.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

It sound like you have a well thought out plan. Wishing you luck with your goals!

alberta ross said...

great set of goals - you are going to be busy busy - which TBR challenge are you in - I joined the mountain peak thingy amongst others - sorry tis growing late and my brain is mushy - all the best with this week

Deniz Bevan said...

I loved On Writing. Actually, maybe it's time I reread it. That, or The Stand, again :-)

Julie Glover said...

Everyone talks about it, so maybe it's time for me to pick up On Writing by Stephen King. By the way, I like the idea of a test mile.

I'm in for my first sponsorship. I have gotten a lot out of this challenge, and I'm happy to encourage other ROW80ers. Best wishes for a great round, Tia!

Natalie Hartford said...

Fantastic goals Tia - ambitious and determined. I love it. I think you'll do great. I read your post and could FEEL the excitement you have starting out 2012 so I have no doubt you will kick it!
Here's to a great round and an even better year...woot woot

Tia Bach said...

My new limit on social media time is making me late to comment, but I really appreciate everyone's support.

I'm so looking forward to an amazing round of ROW80!