January 22, 2012

Hello, Life: ROW80 Check In

Hello, Life. I knew you were lurking around the corner, but I was so busy and so motivated I thought I could outpace you. I thought wrong.

After five days away, I was rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground running. No task was too big. Unfortunately, Life had other plans. I came home to three kids with Strep. If that wasn't enough, we also found out my baby girl has Lyme's Disease. We think we caught it pretty early, but she's on antibiotics for 21 days. We'll retest then and see if she has to continue with another round.

Fortunately for me, insert sarcastic tone here, my kids' energy levels are never affected by sickness. They were home all day Wednesday and some of Thursday, but they were running around like crazy people. Sickness wipes me out, but they take one pill and magically rebound.

Speaking of wiping me out, my husband and I both succumbed to Strep. It was, quite frankly, stronger than our will to avoid it. I hope with five bottles of antibiotics floating around our house, we'll all be back to normal soon.

In addition to Strep, I have a head cold. Nothing is worse than trying to sit at my computer and type while my head is throbbing and my nose constantly dripping. I spent way too long trying to invent a laptop that could be used while I was flat on my back. Didn't come up with anything!

I'd like to take this moment to thank Life for humbling me once again. Every time I think I can't be stopped, get a little too smug, Life makes sure to step in and teach me a lesson. I hear you, loud and clear. *whispers while looking around nervously * But, I plan to make up for lost time this week.

Hopefully, Life didn't just hear that!

Do you ever feel like Life lurks, waiting to humble you as soon as you get in a good groove?

ROW80 Update

A huge thanks to A Round of Words in 80 Days for being the "writing challenge that knows you have a life." Another thanks to the medical world for antibiotics.

Writing: I did some mental planning and note taking for my WIP. But not much in the way of words. I'm looking forward to getting back to regular writing this week. Maybe joining in some #ROW80 wordsprints for motivation.

Blogging: Thanks to a guest post from Mom, I posted every day for a total of 1,017 words. I also posted in Mom in Love with Fiction, although I'm behind on posting reviews. Planning to post several over the next two weeks, so stop by and check them out. Managed to keep up with blog reading and commenting, though.

Note: Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on reviewing books you don't like. It helped so much!

Reading: Little to none. Head hurt too bad. ;-(

Editing: Finished a major editing project and on time. *woot*

Exercise: Ran for 4 miles and thought I'd die, so I took a few days off. Hoping to head back to the gym tomorrow. Thanks to ice and now, I have to bid adieu to outdoor exercise for awhile. *sniff, sniff*

Want to find out what I love so much about the ROW80 community? Check out the ROW80 participants here.


Jaleh D said...

Ewww the icky S-word! My son had it once or twice in between rounds of ear infections last year. Hope you all get better quick.

For coming back from vacation and then the family getting zapped with germs, it looks like you kept up pretty well with your goals. Good luck for this week.

Wendy Jane said...

Sorry to hear everyone was sick. That is always exhausting. My hubby is acting like he's coming down with something. I'm hoping it's just allergies. I guess we'll find out soon enough. Until then, I think we need to stock up on Vick's and NyQuil. If one of us brings something home, we both get it.

I sounds as if you are still doing well despite the set back. I agree about the laptop needing to work while you're on your back. I'm hoping someone comes up with a fix for that.

Keep up the good work. Get well soon to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Laura says:

Last night I was on fire and in the groove, writing like crazy til 2am (1035 wd count)! Then, at 2:30am, my eldest gets sick and spends half the night throwing up in the bathroom (which means I was up keeping her hair out of her face until almost 5am.) Then this morning, my second child (not wanting to be outdone) comes down with pink eye. I'll need to get antibiotics from the doc and both kids are staying home today. I am currently being Humbled (O_O) . Hope you guys get better soon and sorry to hear about the Lyme disease. Hope 1 round of ab is all she’ll need. Hang in there!!!!

alberta ross said...

look after yourself - dont do too much - infections are to be rested (then they get bored and go away otherwise they'll ahng around for ever)- hope everyone feels better soon - keep smiling even if teeth are a trifle gritted:)

Nicole Basaraba said...

Sounds like you'll need to do a lot of cleaning and laundry when everyone's feeling better. Hope that comes sometime soon. All the best for the coming week.

Eloise said...

Life waiting to swat you down? You betcha. It doesn't happen all that often but when it does, it can be the pits.

I was zapped with a two-week cold/flu and strep beats that hands-down.

I'm amazed at what you've accomplished despite all this.

Hopes for speedy recovery for all of you!

MommaSachs said...

Use your humbling time to relax a bit! Make some mental notes on what to write and jot them down but enjoy the down time!! This comes from someone who is also constantly on the move and never slowing down.

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

I've found that life pretty much knows what it's doing - although I needed a reminded, myself, this week.

Hopefully, your goals will accommodate you in both sickness and health....

Tia Bach said...

Thanks for the encouragement to push through!

Laura, Hope your crew feels better soon!

Sometimes sickness, at least for me, is a sign that I need to slow down.