June 24, 2015

UtopYA Highlights: Accomplishing Goals

I'm back!

UtopYA 2015 did not disappoint. Since the moment I left Nashville last June, I've been looking forward to returning for another UtopYA. The first year was overwhelming, because I was meeting almost everyone for the first time. Plus, it was my first major author event.

For the most part, I stayed in the shadows and took it all in. Thanks to Jo Michaels, I did make a handful of amazing friends.

This year, I was determined to...

1. Take tons of pictures.
2. Not be shy.
3. Walk right up and hug Janet Wallace.
4. Put myself out there.

I outlined this in a post

I'm happy to report that I accomplished all of these things! 

Last year, I ran an interview series highlighting some of the amazing women from UtopYA. I'm working on getting some amazing people to do it again this year. So, I'm saving a lot of my pictures for that. However, I have to share this one...

It's me with my Fractured Glass crew (Jo Michaels, NL Greene, Kelly Risser, and Casey Bond) and Janet Wallace. The FG crew and I did our lip sync not too long after. It was amazing. And, yes, I have video. I promise to share it soon.

Friday, I'll have a more emotional post. But I wanted to make sure and address my goals going in. I met every single one. Oh, and I'll be sharing some changes for next year's Utopia (you'll understand the spelling change more on Friday). It's the five-year celebration, and I can't wait.

Happy Wednesday!

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