June 17, 2015

UtopYA Bound : Lessons Learned from 2014

My daughter and I are on a plane to Nashville today to attend UtopYA. 

I had an incredible time last year, but I was mad at myself for a couple of things that I plan to remedy this year.

I will take TONS of pictures.

I have incredible memories from UtopYA2014, but very few pictures. This year, I cleared off my phone and plan to be obnoxious with pictures. Maybe even -- GASP -- take a few selfies. 

I will NOT be shy.

Last year, I went in knowing very few people and came out knowing a lot. Still, I could have put myself out there more. This year, I will. I'm going to be a sharing, hugging, bonding fool.

I will walk right up and hug Janet Wallace.

Yes, I will. Last year, I was daunted by the aura surrounding her. She seemed beyond my reach. It was all because I was completely in awe. This year, I'm still completely in awe, but I also realize how friendly and approachable she is. 

I will be put myself out there.

Being part of the Lip Sync battle will help accomplish this. I will be sweating bullets, but there isn't a more comfortable environment on the planet than UtopYA to put yourself out there.

Next week, I'll report on how I did with these goals. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the start to summer!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like WAY too much fun!

Shah Wharton said...

You are braver than this little introvert. Have lots of fun Tia!