September 26, 2013

1000 Likes Giveaway

Back in March, I finally created an author Facebook page. Previously, I had a Depression Cookies page. To be honest, I wasn't sure I had another book in me.

Then an idea for a trilogy hit me. Book one, Chasing Memories, came out in June. Now, I'm working on books two and three. My goal is to have both out by the time I go to UTopYa next year in June. (Tickets for that event go on sale October 1, so check it out.)

Although I have played with a few other social media sites, I am most comfortable on Facebook and Twitter. My author page hovered around 300 for the longest time. Yesterday, it hit 1,000. *squeals*

To celebrate, I'm having a giveaway. Oh, and I'm using Rafflecopter for the first time. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Enter to Win
A signed paperback copy of Chasing Memories
An Algiz necklace*
Open to US/Canada residents
Contest ends at 5pm EST on Thursday, 10/3/13

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Because I am in a learning mode, what items do you most like to see in giveaways from authors? Leaving an answer in the bottom earns you an entry. ;-)

Please share this giveaway. It will make a happy author even happier.

* like the one worn by Reagan in the book


Jo Michaels said...

I find that Indies like to see how entry helps THEM and readers love swag and signed books. A paperback will always get you more entries than an e-copy. :)

I've shared on the blog today and scheduled updates/tweets for the weekend. Good luck, sister from another mister.


jodi marinich said...

i love the free ebooks

Tia Bach said...

Thanks for sharing, Jo!

Jodi - Glad to know there are some ebook fans out there, and thanks for commenting!