September 13, 2012

The Women Behind this Woman

This month, I am taking part in BlogHer's "Eye" daily blogging challenge to allow my readers to get to know me, to bare my soul if you will.

Today's prompt: Who is someone you wish you could see again?

My great-grandmother
I am torn between my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother. Both women were ahead of their time and intricate pieces of the puzzle that was to become my mother, and I was blessed to know both of them for many years. My great-grandmother, Antho Greer LeMaire, passed away when I was in my early 30s while my grandmother, Mazelle LeMaire Beach, passed away in my late 30s.

In this day and age, very few people get to know their grandmother for that many years, much less their great-grandmother. My children won't. Their great-grandmothers are all gone. They won't know them. That makes me so sad.

My grandmother
If I could see my grandmothers again, I'd have a list of questions a mile long. Questions I never thought to ask them before they left for their new journey. Just as importantly, I'd want them to spend time with my children and teach them the best of each of their generations, to teach them about true strength and character.

My great-grandmother was a Southern dame who never shied away from expressing her opinion. One day she told me she just might live forever. I knew if will alone could make it possible, she would do it. But I asked her why. "Heaven might not take me, and Hell isn't ready for the likes of me."

My grandmother was the backbone of my mother's family, one of the hardest working women I've ever known, outside of my mother--the daughter she influenced.

As a writer, I kick myself for the opportunity I missed to write down every word they ever said and extract words they never uttered.

The only thing I can do now to honor their memories is never miss the same opportunity with my own mother, and to make sure my kids know her like I knew the generations before me.

Speaking of the women in my life...

Wishing my mother, Angela Silverthorne, a Happy Birthday today! I am so blessed to have you in my life and my children's lives.
Who is someone you wish you could see again?


Nana said...

Thank you so much for the remembrance of my mother and grandmother, two women whose lives are totally entwined into mine. They were women who were definitely ahead of their time. Today, I have thought of them often and miss them terribly. What I wouldn't give to have celebrated my birthday with them. You made my day special by sharing this blog with me. Thanks, Mom

Tia Bach said...

Absolutely, Mom. I am grateful for all of you and your influence over who I am. Love you!

Jo Michaels said...


What a great post! My oldest children got to know their great-grandmother for a while. I'm glad they have those few memories of her. She was my paternal grandmother. If there is one person I wish I could meet, it would be my maternal grandmother. I've heard great things about her. My mom is my biggest cheerleader and I'm very glad my children get to know her.


Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Jo. I passed on the b'day wishes. Moms rock!