October 28, 2012

Bride of Frankenstorming: ROW80 Update

There's a storm coming... a big one according to weather reports. They've even nicknamed it Frankenstorm. Just in time for Halloween and a little frightening thing called NaNoWriMo.

I live in the Bubble of "these people are totally screwed" of course.

I've spent the last couple of weeks prepping for NaNo by getting all my Life ducks in a row. I cleared my calendar for the last few days leading up to November 1 to make sure I was ahead and ready to go. I even outlined my focus on saying No for NaNO last week: I Wish to Say No. Too bad I can't just say No to things like Frankenstorm.

Life is a funny b**ch sometimes, isn't she? School has already been cancelled for the next two days as have all activities.

Handed lemons, I decided to do my best this evening to rally the troops and make some lemonade. My preteen daughter really wants to help me plot my NaNo entry. She reads young adult all the time, so I think she'll be a good resource. The next couple of days we'll put our heads together and do some major brainstorming (or frankenstorming, if you will). Just call me the Bride of Frankenstorming.

I've decided not to fear Frankenstorm. It's coming just as much as November 1 is coming. Let's just hope it doesn't take out my power. My laptop only has about a three-hour battery life.

In all seriousness, however, I hope the storm is less than what they expect and I'm praying for safety for all of those in its path.


A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) Update

My goals for Monday and Tuesday this week...
  • Continue brainstorming for my NaNo piece, Chasing Memories.
  • Prep the next three weeks of review posts for Mom in Love with Fiction.
  • Get as ahead as I can on editing projects.
  • Spend some time commenting on blogs, since I know November will be lacking in social media.
Starting November 1, my only goals will be...
  • Write a minimum of 1,667 per day. I'd like to start off stronger in anticipation of Life and other commitments getting in the way later in the month (Hello, Thanksgiving!).
  • Post Sunday & Wednesday NaNo updates (serving as ROW80 updates). I hope to post Monday and Fridays as well, but I'm staying flexible.


Elizabeth Anne Mitchell said...

I am hoping that the Frankenstorm doesn't live up to expectations, Tia. We're in the "hit the liquor stores" part of the map--silly me, I've only stocked up on water.

I hope you stay dry, and have a lovely time planning with your daughter. I'll look forward to hearing from you on the other side of Sandy. :)

Anonymous said...

You're not the only one under the 'screwed' bubble. I definitely agree with the sentiment of hoping this storm isn't anywhere near expectations. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

Anonymous said...

I hope that everyone stays dry and safe during this storm.
Good Luck with your writing, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Well, you CAN say no to Frankenstorm but it won't listen unless you're Mother Nature herself. Frankenstorming. LOL. Stay safe and keep paper and pens handy just in case.

Elise Fallson said...

Stay safe you guys and good luck with NaNo!

Jo Michaels said...

STAY SAFE!!! I'm worried for all of you friends of mine up there :( I remember when Katrina then Rita hit Louisiana. It was a bad time. Can't wait to hear from you after the storm and know you're all okay. You, Sandi, Heather, Alana, Beth, etc... are all in the path :(


Tia Bach said...

I appreciate all the support! Today hasn't been too bad so far, but they are telling us the worst of it is coming. I'm trying to get all my "computer work" done before the power goes.

Julie Glover said...

Hunker down and do all you can to stay safe! I live on the Texas Gulf Coast, so I know what it feels like to anticipate a hurricane and those power outages. Hang in there!

bookworm said...

So...how was it, how was it, how was it? I hope you are safe and with power. Could you imagine trying to write the old fashioned way - by hand? My arm cramps if I try to write by hand now(for example, at a seminar). Good luck.

Tia Bach said...

We ended up losing power for 12 hours (8pm until 8am), but overall it was so much less intense than we were prepared for. I hope this is a lesson I can take forward through NaNo!